[MOD] The Taiidan Rebellion

Well, I have started planning a Taiidan Rebellion mod, set around the end of the Homeworld 1 Era. This will be more of an extention to the Homeworld 1 levels, I won’t be making new ships as there is no need. However, I don’t know yet whether the player will play as Captain Elson who you probably remember, or another Rebellion group as I can adapt a new storyline for that. I might see if this can be added as a few side missions for the Taiidan Republic mod, maybe as a kind of back story to how the Republic started.
I’ve posted this here mainly to get ideas from the modding community about who you would rather play as etc.


On the one hand I am sad to see your focus moving away from the taiidan republic mod, but on the other hand I think this is an exciting project. I have had a similar idea myself, but not taken it anywhere.

I would suggest a timeline that runs parallel to the hw1 campaign, ending with the Elson contribution to the exiles’ return. I think that could explore some interesting themes of the taiidan empire at the height of is power, yet about to be challenged from within and from outside.



Well, on the other-other hand, I really like his idea of trying to include the series of missions as playable context for your Republic mod! I would suggest to you, @nathanielmattock, that if you do that idea, you will probably want to make the missions be about Elson; elsewise you’ll want to coordinate very carefully with Dom2 about story— see if there is a way that you can use your depiction of the era to better set up for his intended story arc. There really doesn’t seem to be much reason to go through the trouble to set up some original Rebellion character if it does not somehow play squarely into Dom’s plans.

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You’ve hit a nerve! I love your idea!

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Captain Elson dies in the end of the HW1 story. So do all his followers. At least he does most of the time. I “did” manage to save him once but I had to immediately put support frigates on him and follow him with a huge fleet of destroyers and corvettes. It was not easy because he had a death wish :slight_smile:

Maybe use a different character?

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In Canon I believe he survives to see the destruction of the palace on Hiigara but this is probably going to never include the last mission of HW1, although it would be nice if I could have it fade out as he hyperspaces in at the end of some other mission.

Also, I don’t think he is supposed to die at the end of HW, just the AI is a bit… Mentally impaired.