Mod, Tool, Map, Ship, Big-File, Tutorial Collection/Archive

I have a rather huge collection of Mods, Tools, Maps, Ships, Icons, Tutorials, RelicNews Forum posts, etc. (284 GB) that I have collected over the years since Homeworld was released in 1999. @radar3301 was kind enough to donate server space for many of the tools and tutorials some time ago at “Index of /homeworld” and may also now be accessed via KarosGraveyard at “Tool Reference · HWRM/KarosGraveyard Wiki · GitHub”, however, the sheer volume of the various Big-files I have collected prohibits their storage en masse on the aforementioned server.

I welcome anyone that is searching for a particular mod, or anything else Homeworld related to message me and perhaps I can find it amongst the mess that I call organization. I do not have every Mod nor probably even most of them, but just the ones that struck me as interesting over the years. I have no doubt that the bulk of what I have is still easy to find, but I know how frustrating it is to search for Homeworld-related content, tools and instruction and to come up empty-handed, so please feel free to ask. Please be as specific as possible in your queries.


Dude, I’d kiss you if it wouldn’t be… awkward.
I’ve just spent a week chasing down mods online and in my backups for the original Homeworld game (not the remastered).

For anyone’s info: I’m playing Homeworld [original] on Windows 7 with this string in the shortcut target:
D:\Games\Homeworld\homeworld.exe /triple /enable3DNow /enableSSE /disableAVI /safeGL /pilotview /heap 1073741824

@ 1600x1200 resolution, which looks fine on a 1920x1300 monitor - all goody-up with mods - not 1 problem. (I can get 1920x1200 by editing the registry).

I’ll cruise your links and see if there’s anything missing from what I have and add to the collection.

btw, if you haven’t seen it, the Wayback Machine has a lot of background story on the Homeworld Shipyard pages:


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