Mod WIP the red race, first model in progress

Hello, so I have something to show that I’ve been working on with the help of Pouk. Right now all I have is an untextured model. Which is almost ready for UV/Textures. The goal of the mod is to provide players with an alternate vaygr look. The units themselves won’t change in their function, they’ll just look different. The look is going to be the concept red race vaygr that was scrapped from HW2.

What if players prefere that look over the current implementation? This mod allows people to at least enjoy seeing those ships in action. so first step introducing a remastered agamemnon, here is the WIP model

The process is going to be similar to how HW@ releases their work, everything I’m working on will be open for public consumption. When a model is finished someone can take it and do whatever they wish. Just please credit me and pouk for this work. Thank you. Feel free to offer feed back suggestion/help or questions. =p


I really like the fact that you’re going after a race’s “reskin”. Same units, same balance, just cool new designs. Such a simple concept, yet surprisingly unique in HW modding.


Indeed. I could see this lending itself very well to a host of ideas. Having only just learned of the project, I was immediately struck by the thought that the Red Race could be used to enhance the HW2 campaign. If memory serves the Vaygr were far from a cohesive and uniform empire prior to Makaan’s rise. Red Race ships could be used at certain points in the campaign when the player would have had reason to run into special/alternate Vaygr units that I’m sure we should have expected to exist anyway…

  1. M07 - The Vaygr were using “elite shielded carriers” to attack from within the deadly nebulae, if I remember the phrasing. In any case they were supposedly special but with no visual cues to reinforce that.

  2. Thaddis Sabbah - An expressly elite Vaygr installation. The black/red Vaygr ships could be replaced with Red Race equivalents.

  3. Makaan’s Flagship - If swapped with Agamemnon, especially in the case of a heavily armed Agamemnon, we have something almost unprecedented in HW… confronting an enemy flagship that soundly out-classes your own. That could be fun!

To me, one of the most unfortunate things about HW2 was the under-abundance of campaign-specific content when compared with HW1. There were no other living races besides the Bentusi that the player came in contact with at any point. So one of the nice things about this idea is that without changing the story even slightly, the campaign could still be made to seem substantially more dynamic.

But one last disclaimer… this is not to say that I’m trying to restrict you to campaign-only Red Race ships. Just in case it read that way.


I think this is a great idea. That model looks great :slight_smile:

Reminds me of dust wars (original HW2 concept and later a mod):

yeah this is basically inspired by the hw2 concept. So a lot of these cut ships will be in the game, it just won’t be called “Dust wars” because I have no plans to alter the ships functions, they’ll still be balanced to be as powerful as the HW2 Vanilla counter parts. Some ships might have different weapon systems, but in the end they’ll have the same firepower as before.


Two of my favourites:

This one is basically the final probe, but some of the outlines in the background could be a larger ship (e.g. shipyard)?


That fighter would fit Avetorian’s design philosophy nicely.

Indeed. I’d just need a bomber variant. oh and a lance fighter. I’ve already seen a scout concept that could be used.

This is the area where you’ll have to improvise.

Joining in the teasing bandwagon of everyone around these days:


Very nice! just becareful they’ll start asking us for megaliths!! lol

What’s wrong with megaliths. Have you seen my Masada REARM map? You’ll find out I love megaliths.

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Nothing! just more work =p

I just realized I recreated your avatar.

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You just realized? It seemed very intentional, lol. Those are such fabulous renders! Rarely if ever have I seen renders of a model where the lack of texture didn’t detract from the beauty of the image at all.


I know what I was doing, I just forgot it’s what he uses for his avatar. :slight_smile:


@thisquietreverie May I ask for your expert opinion? About textures:

So I’m working on this thing, the Agamemmnon pictured above. It started as 3 times the size of a Flagship (as taken from the game), we downsized it to twice the Flagship’s size. So it’s a big bastard.
I know we shouldn’t go over 4096 textures if we want people to fully enjoy them in game, because of the game’s graphics settings.
But the ship, no matter how you look at it, is a rectangle, not a square. The only way I could reasonably distribute its UV onto two 4096 squares is to slice it in half. But I don’t even have polygons there, I would literally have to cut the mesh in the middle.
What would you do? What texture resolutions would you go for with a ship like this?
Thank you.

Aren’t the motherships at 8192? You could do an 8192x4096 or 4096x2048.

Edit: Hm, Kus_Mothership uses:
2 - 4096x2048
1 - 2048x2048
1 - 2048x512

Yeah I think the last time he told me that even a 4096 square is too big. But I think the reason was the game graphics setting.

Slice it in half, 2 4096x1024s for the top, 2 4096x1024s for the bottom. The problem with 4096x4096 isn’t the diffuses on their own, it’s that the attendant textures are the same size so you’re paying for 4096x4096 team/stripe/relfection/spec/paint and that adds up.

Napkin math:

4 4096x4096: 1.76 gigs in, 180 meg HOD file
2 4096x4096: 864 megs in, 115 meg HOD file
4 4096x1024: 460 megs in, 50 meg HOD file
2 4096x2048: 430 megs in, 50 meg HOD file

You could do 2 4096x2048s if you mirrored the top and bottom but 4 4096x1024 would give you a lot of leeway with regards to asymmetry.