Modded items and cheating?

Didn’t see anything in forums about modded items or cheating. So here i am… Sorry for bothering you. Dont know where else to ask this. But is gearbox going to do anything about the modded items in the game? If not im not going to play anymore. Seems like gearbox doesn’t care about it. Its sad, really. I guess its because you cant fix it since the saved data is on the console… Im on ps4 by the way. Really wish modded items were banned… I mean why nerf!? or buff!? anything? really when half the games community is cheating? (just a guess) I don’t understand why people don’t care. They say oh u can play private only and theres no pvp… But there is pvp dueling. I hate cheaters… Guess ill be moving on to another game with less cheating…

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don’t duel anyone but friends

given you’re not competing against others, why does it matter? It’s mainly a PC issue–you can’t really mod weapons on console, or if you can it would take a lot of software knowledge 99% of players don’t have. Though I do find it annoying when PC folks that post build or other videos on youtube are using modded items b/c it gives a false impression. I haven’t noticed it as much with BL3 as I did with BL2, though.

The other week I opened up my game to the public and the Fl4k who came in was spawning 100 OPQs, killing everything in a second and not getting slowed down by anything. We got to Eleanor and the Heart and they went down in two hits from this player. In the end I chucked them but they just came back a few minutes later. Was definitely modded gear or something.

Modded weapons are availablenon all platforms.

For them to monitor midded or hacked items.tbeyd havebto be a live service game. I dont want a live service game.

Modded items
I dont want my game either.

But really all you can do is not pick up items dropped by other players.

We all get the same loot now anyways. Unless they re re changed it.

This is why i dont trade.

It’s really not, tbh.

Borderlands had and has this problem from day one of the first BL game on every platform.
I’ve seen (in BL3) probably as many cheaters with guns that deal infinite dagame per hit as mutch as i used to see in BL2 and BL2 was the land of the modded weapons and shields.

People that get in the game, empty their modded equipment on the ground and go away, people that get in, oneshots everything and leaves etc etc

This is a problem on every platform, sadly.

and i fully agree with OP point here, BL will be like this untill Geabox uses a cloud sistem of keeping the saved data, kinda like Destiny.

Thing is that most players whould prefere to keep the cheaters in game to keep the duping in game

Sad, wish they would ban them.

I knew someone was going to say is doesn’t matter. But there is some pvp in the game… And its on all platforms. You can literally buy them off ebay, what a joke. One shot everything and be can’t killed. Can’t u see it breaks the game. Gearbox cares so much to nerf and buff to balance things. I don’t think they want them in game. But gearbox hives us all offline saved files which is awesome but stupid people exploit it. Wish they could be a way to fix it and maintain offline play. Its a great game meant to be played online with everyone legit. The idea of that is competitive in its own way.

Yea…but shouldn’t have to when i pay gearbox for the game and all content. Its a great game meant to be played online with everyone legit. The idea of that is competitive in its own way. But its broken. More people should care. I wish they did maybe gearbox would listen.

I like some good old fashioned game breaking. I miss the glory days of Game Shark/Genie. If it bothered me, my solution would be to stick to playing solo or exclusively with friends. Which I did back with the original PSO when cheaters started intentionally corrupting people’s saves and other nefarious hijinks.

yeah i only play with friends, since the game gives players legit ways to put other player in fight for life mode and other means of being an annoyance

They need to implement a sanity check for modded items. If the parts don’t match what can be found in game, that item gets erased. Just like they had it in BL2.

I get that there will always be cheaters in a game, but they are hugely detrimental to online co-op. I would suggest kicking cheaters from your lobby(provided you are host).

You mentioned that you are on PS4, you should check out the Online Play and Trade section on here and find some non-douchy friends.


I don’t mind modded items, because I play solo. But you do have a point. Why are they nerfIng anything when modded items are a thing? Seems pointless.

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Seems a little self-defeating, imo. Just throw away any modded items you may have picked up, and don’t play with those people again. If you enjoy the game, don’t let the actions of other players spoil it for you. This isn’t a PvP game, so it’s not like they’ve got some kind of “advantage” over other players by using modded gear.


You do realize dueling equates to maybe .00000000000000000000000000001 percent of anyone’s overall playing time, right? The only things GB addresses are those that make us more powerful than they want and that they somehow don’t find out about until the DLC, etc., is made avail to us. I still don’t think they have a test platform. I don’t think I’ve ever heard them say one single word about modding, nothing.

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The problem comes when GB gets a hair up their *** and decides to administer sweeping bans on players who use, or have used, modded items. It’s why I typically don’t play with others. The 2 times I attempted to do the raid I got 1 and 2 persons for each. Not sure what that means but I haven’t tried it since.

This forum, and Gearbox, support the game being played as intended.

Anyone promoting cheating should do so somewhere else entirely.

To the OP: as you’ve started, gearbox want folks to have the convenience of offline accessibility. We may see a sanity check at some point, I don’t know. Until then just be picky who you play with, I guess.

Closed before it goes south, which is inevitable, in my experience.