Modded Items In BL3 Ruining It

bad quality picture ik but everyone (not everyone but lots of people) on xbox have or are getting modded items which removes the fun from the game and is against you terms of sevices I think l. Anyway if it is against your terms of sevices what are you going to do about it? (May I suggest working with Microsoft and banning or clearing the inventory of anyone who has modded items. Or just a patch that clears them)

Would be better if a patch cleared them. Lots of times people trading don’t know they were given a modded item, especially if it seems like it could he legit, e.g. Lucky 7 having digiclone swap reload isn’t a legit anointment.

But honestly, you’re better off grouping with safe partners anyway. Pick people here or lfg on a discord of trustworthy players. I’ve rarely had success on matchmaking in any game.

MS already has a function to report users on XBox, which you are free to use. And for clarification, one of the reasons discussion of modded items here is off-limits is precisely because getting those things on consoles violates their respective TOS/TOU.

I’ll ping the community manager just so they’re aware of this (if they aren’t already). Realistically though cheaters are gonna cheat, so I second the suggestion of not playing with people advertising such things, and using the forums to find like-minded individuals to co-op with.

Closing because there really isn’t much point in discussing this further here.