Modded shield ...anyone?

Okay, so I got into a random match yesterday with some stranger, and there were many legendaries dropped in the floor. I only took one because it seemed like I’ve never had that particular one before.

It’s a legendary shield but it only says “Blast proof” as a name and has no body, no battery, nor capacitor, just the antena. I couldn’t find info about it. It appears to be some sort of turtle shield and some other guy said “It’s one of few false items that stays”

Anybody knows what this does? What does it mean “it stays”? Has it ruined my game for picking it up? I hope I don’t have to reset my psycho for this… : (

Can you sell or remove it?

It isn’t stuck in your inventory like a quest item, is it?

I can drop it, probably I can sell it too. I’m worried the effects stay forever even after I do. Which I guess is a positive thing when you look at it, but I don’t want it. I want my game normal, without these weird alteratios. …(still speculating though)

Unless I am very mistaken, I doubt there is much to worry about.

I haven’t heard of an item whose effects “stay with you forever”.

What exactly does this item do?

yeah, what “alterations”

Speculations! I also want to know what it does

I know that there are some glitched shields that effect things like causing barriers (like floors) to give way.

They’re not permanently game breaking, and the best thing to do is destroy them and try not to play with anyone who uses them.

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Hacked. Toss it off a cliff and hope for the best.

Legit image of Orion disposing of the shield;



I’ll go to Eridium Blight and throw it after Geary… Or in the Kill Yourself mission ledge. LOL then I’ll call the Hyperion crisis management hotline.

Still, nobody is familiar with this item? It’s even on YouTube, so like the ERROR MESSAGE it’s a persistent item, not just some random hack

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This isn’t really the place for details of hacked items.

Toss it and don’t worry about it.

I haven’t seen any precedence of an item causing long term negative effects on a file.

Let the Wildebeest take care of it.

Yeah… I guess it must not be something to worry about.

Bro…The feels…



When it comes to the feels I’d say one should…

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toss it


@Poisonedbite That isn’t a like I just gave you.

That is a mega-super-duper-tastic like.

i thought it was thematically appropriate to the thread. it also fits very well with our stance on modded items.

My guess is that the shield you picked up is a modded Fabled Tortoise that removes the movement speed restriction that a normal unmodified Fabled Tortoise would impose. I found a YouTube video that is a bit grainy but shows a Legendary shield named only Blast Proof. FYI, the Fabled Tortoise is legitimately available in a Blast Proof variant.

As for being “one of the few false items that stays”, I believe the other player was referring to patches removing certain modded items from the game but not others. The item you picked up was likely one of those not removed via patches. As others have stated, your best bet is to toss it. If you need a pretty good legitimate shield, you could always purchase an Antagonist in Flamerock Refuge assuming you have Seraph Crystals and the Tiny Tina DLC.

EDIT: A further search yielded this find on reddit from 2 yrs ago. Confirms my suspicion about the movement speed reduction being removed. Also, notice the particular wording of the 1st response by corpseflakes. Perhaps I found your “guy”, OP :blush:

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i was going to mention that its most likely a fabled tortoise.