Modded shield ...anyone?

Public games are DAAAANGEROUS. The Borderlands of the Borderlands xD
Question: does the console TOS say something about using modded weapons? (I’m a PC user, and since Steam does not give a f-ck about mods…,)

Yes, modded items on Consoles would violate Microsoft’s and Sony’s TOS.

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You say you run a psycho.?. Seeing from the “poop train passenger” perspective, any Pangolin shield in Krieg works awful. Get an adaptive (Anshin), Maylay (Bandit), Explosive nova (Torgue) or a nova (Maliwan) one by now depending which level you are… Well, after you toss or make that Blast proof Voldemort.exe-ish shield dissapear…

THEN, get a Rough Rider, Flame of the Firehawk, Deadly Bloom, etc.

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Giuvito was the first to hit the nail on the head.
It is used to bypass what would normally be barriers OR …used for something else I’m unwilling to discuss ( though the only reason for removal of the essential parts of the shield would make no sense for any other purpose than as a bypass).

It is a created item. Useless. ( will not explain it’s use as it’s a game hack)

“Stays” means it is not removed by patches/sanity checks that remove heavily modded items from a character’s backpack or bank.

There should be some kind of “Don’t be fooled by…” thread respecting modded weapons (and other voldemort.exe-ish stuff like non elemental Maliwans). Yet, should be authorized by the mods.

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@xmngr agreed. Some “modifications” are mostly harmless. Some are/used to be game-breaking annoyances that gladly were patched out as they ruin the experience for everyone.

In my opinion, they are only as good/bad as the intention with which they were created. You can use a hammer to build something useful…or use it to bludgeon someone with. The TOOL itself is innocent. Intent makes the difference between ethical and not.

That’s the point. If one wants to run with modded (or “black” weapons), it’s OK always you use it for yourself. In your own game.
But if you’re playing coop with that and giving them away like cookies or snacks…you’re “harming” someone. Since it mostly violates TOS in consoles as @Poisd2Strike said. Mod your BAR, use voldemort.exe to get weapons easlily, I don’t know what else can be done with that stuff… but at least think in your coop mates and don’t screw the game for them. “Voldemorting” weapons ■■■■■ all the game spirit. It is always great to see an orange, cyan or pink beam popping from somewhere and doing that removes all the “shoot-n-loot” magic.


@xmngr Exactly!

Hell, you can even ruin the game experience for other playing 100% legitimately.

Especially if you are OP8, want to play in an online match AND the only games available are lvl 72.
This is a perfect time to carry around a couple of lvl 72 fav legendaries on your OP8 character and equip them to make it more…let’s say “equitable”.

p.s…the OP…I suspect…sort of knows a little something, as they listed the parts that go into making a shield.

Further than ruining experience, your account can be banned from PSN or XBLA since -I repeat- violates TOS.

(I know it is not XB Live Arcade anymore, but I don’t know how it is called now xD)

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It’s just called Xbox Live now. What would even be worse than just having your PSN ID / Xbox Live GT banned would be having your Console banned via Mac Address. Then, you would need both a new PSN ID / Xbox Live account and a new Console. All of your previous purchases (games, DLC, etc.) and trophies / achievements would be invalidated. So like you said, not really worth the trouble.

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@xmngr PC is the Wild Wild West compared to console.

In regards to Playstation Network’s TOS, the two sections that are violated ( specifically, though there may be others)

  • You may not modify or attempt to modify the online client, disc, save file, server, client-server communication, or other parts of any game title, or content.

  • You may not cause disruption to any account, system, hardware, software, or network connected to Sony Online Services for any reason, including for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage in a game

There may be other Terms in violation, but these two are/seem to be the most clear violations.

Yes, I avoid pangolin shields with Krieg. The nova shields don’t really work well with my game style. However, the Rough Rider does wonders for me. I can’t believe I never tried it before or that there are no other Jakobs shields.

I was worried that modded shield was going to modify my stats permanently, but everything seems to be back to normal

there used to be a modded weapons thread showing what to watch out for somewhere around here.

Yeah, the old forum had the idiots guide, not sure it got moved over.

I have some spare time in the afternoon so I can port it.


yeah we can update it with new info.


Found it. I’ll start fixing some stuff.

[Work in progress]