Modded Weapons in Coop

Do COOP games that advertise MODDED weapons affect the game? I think in the long run it ruins the game experience that was intended by GBX. Or is the proliferation of modded weapons and saved editors a symptom of a more grandiose problem in the BL3 design?

Yes, it’s your choice to join or ignore.

I think the proliferation of modded weapons is a symptom of the new anoints and loot drops.

Lets say you go for a sandhawk. Kill the mob that dedicated drops it.

You might get a sandhawk 1 out of 10 runs.
Out of those you might get the anointment you want 1 out of 30 drops.
That’s an average of 300 runs already.
Then, assuming you want a God Roll weapon … x100 maybe?
So you might have to farm that mob anywhere from 1 to 30k times for an average chance to get what you are looking for.
That is a lot of farming when you could just use an editor and get on with the game.

Not saying I approve and I certainly don’t approve of those Yellowcakes with x4 or two anointments and such but I can understand the frustration of farming. Lord knows I have done enough of it already myself.

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This forum promotes the game being played as intended, and as such, we don’t really need a thread that will likely result in folks telling everyone why they chose to cheat.

That’s not cool, or in any way productive.