Modded weapons - need a way to not allow modded guns in my session

I need a host option to disable modded gear in my session. Otherwise I might have to close my session from public matchmaking.

I don’t appreciate it when other players join and use a gun with 4 anointments on it to insta-kill a boss. (I know for certain because he dropped a dupe of it later, which I didn’t grab, I don’t like modded guns/gear in borderlands because it ruins the desire to seek out good gear in the game)

For those who don’t know, I’m specifically referring to gear that someone has cheated into the game. I don’t know how.

edit: I want modded gear to either not be functional on my session OR default back to normal legal gear. I get that some players like modded gear and you might not want to delete their modded gear, but I’m not asking for that. I just want modded gear to not be OP in my session. Once they leave and play their own session, they can use their modded gear again if they want.


simple editor allows you to put as much anoints on gun as u want :smiley:

I have had a LOT of success kicking players using modded BS, provided that I am the lobby host.

I would love to see some sort of action towards this problem. We had a sanity check in BL2, although it could be bypassed in part it still made them work a little harder to ruin others experience.


I think you missed the point. I dont want modded gear to function in my session.

Your complaint isn’t viable.

You already have the option to boot them.

This would be completely pointless and a huge waste of developer time.

Just boot them in case I didn’t make that super handy and obvious point clear enough lol


It is viable. Detecting modded illegal, outside the bounds, weapons is easy.

Booting them isn’t a good enough answer.

For example, today I opened a “looking for game” post on xbox and invited two players in. For a while everything was fine. But eventually one of them used a modded gun and ruined a boss fight (by trivializing it). Until then I had no idea he was using modded gear. Perhaps he only used it at that fight.

Next time I’l tag my looking for game post with “no modded gear” but that doesn’t stop the issue.

I want modded guns to pop out a little flag that says “bang” and cause 1 damage (instead of 1 billion), if they use it in my session. That would just be funny. But seriously though, until host have a feature like this, I’m less likely to have a public lobby. And that’s bad for the game.


i just explained how easy it is for people to get it there is nothing you can do as for gearbox they could have sanity check for multiple anoints on same gun but i don see them caring that much

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Yea. I understand that you were saying how easy it is.

By the way. Do you hate punctuation?


absolutely, with all my heart. I despise it hardcore as it poses like a stutter that would interrupt my eloquent word salad way too much.


If you’re the host, kick the bad offender out. If your not the host just leave. No need to jump on a forum to cry about. What you’re asking for is utter ridiculousness. You’re asking for Gearbox to add some type of function to disable modded weapons? I want you to look at what you wrote and try to realize how dumb and ignorant that statement is.


This cracked me up. Thanks. :rofl:

edit: @Matrixneo42
Haven’t chatted with you in a long while. Still entertaining the original Borderlands?

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Try taking your own advice bud. Modded gear has ruined matchmaking, I can’t queue into the guardian takedown without people one shotting boss phases (on PS4 which I hoped would have been safe from this ■■■■). I want to play the game, not watch some loser delete any enemy with one shot.

Why do you think it is so ridiculous to ask for them to crack down on cheaters? Seems like a totally reasonable thing to me


I believe in recovery weapons, but even I wouldn’t take them into some one else game. Modded weapons are on a whole other level and shouldn’t be brought into coop without consent.


You don’t need modded gear to one shot bosses and raid bosses in this game. It’s not a very balanced game.


Why would this complaint not viable? It’s a complaint. What’s not viable in a complaint?

If you are referring that it’s impossible to do it, well that depends on the degree of possibility you’re aiming for. If the possibility that’s being asked is having a sanity check when someone enters a game if they got modded guns, it’s possible.

Here’s a simple algorithm:

  1. Loop through player’s backpack and currently equipped gear
  2. Check each gear if the damage, mods, anoints are beyond the possibilities of this gear type.
  3. If it goes over, let’s say gun A can only do a max of 20K but the damage shows 200K, then it’s a red flag.
  4. Flag the weapon. GB can auto delete the item or disable it or give the host an option to allow it. But if it’s a violation of TOS, I’d suggest giving a warning once, disable the gear. Next violation is a ban.

Yes, you have the option to boot them. But they are already in your game. So imagine starting takedown. In the first Kraken someones pops an illegal gun. Ok, you can boot them. Now you have 1 less player. Sure you can solo if you are good but I bet you that you went multiplayer because you dont want to play solo.

Why would this be a waste of developer time? They are already wasting time with M2.0 and game balancing (if you can call it balancing).


If you’re a programmer and you think this is impossible, I suggest you reevaluate your career.


Wow lol.

Edit: Care to explain what’s so ignorant about his statement? Also LOL again


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Yup, I agree, main reason why I don’t play online.
Just make it auto-kick / ban the violator from your lobby.

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I feel like kicking people is the answer here.