Modding back Yes song for HW1 Classic credits

I thought I solved the issue by copying over the HW_music.wxd file from my disc version, but this ended up breaking all the cutscene music and sound effects.

Can someone mod the song back in pronto? it’s such an important part of HW1 and not having it in cheapens the whole game for me.

New cinematics are just .webm files. Did you try encoding original credits into that format and replacing HwCredits.webm?

Look what I found :wink:

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Yes, that’s great, but I’m talking about the original game. Cannot bring myself to actually play the remastered version because of all the detrimental changes to gameplay. It’s not Homeworld at all as far as I’m concerned, and I’m sure many would echo my sentiments.

Classic is where it’s at, and it’s a shame GBX changed the files so we couldn’t just easily copy the old credits track back.


From what I heard, classic HW had LAN removed and is still 4:3 only. But if that’s the case, what exactly did Gearbox do to make it better than my old retail CD?

“detrimental changes to gameplay” ?

err… ok.

Re: Yes - I’m guessing it was a copyright issue. Just because Gearbox bought the Homeworld IP does not necessarily mean they got the rights to use the Yes song, which is a great shame but thanks to this youtube clip is not a big problem. Thanks to Galadhor

Probably very little.

Even people who worked with the HW1 engine often mentioned how hard it was to maintain and work with due to the way it was built.

LAN was likely removed due to multiplayer having to be removed itself since there is no online service supporting HW1 anymore but the code(again, messy and hard to work with/maintain) is still set to support and online mode for a service… which does not exist anymore. It was probaly easier to removed multiplayer code altogether than try to reroute it to a new multiplayer service.

Full disclosure: this is pure speculation from my part as I don’t work at Gearbox, though

Otoh… the advantage over your old retail CD is this is one that can be easily accessed for anyone thanks to Steam and other online store selling the game, as opposed to your retail CD which can only be found on the likes of Ebay and most likely in used condition.

And despite screen ratio aspect, this is still a version which allows players to play the campaign in it’s original form.

Just play your damn CD?

EDIT : DAMN! Why do I keep waking up necros! It’s like I’m back on the Ishimura.

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