Modding feature requests

I have two feature requests. One is very specific.

  1. Include a scripting function that gets the full current install/save directory. Some HW2 mods need to write data to disk and the workaround is ugly.
  2. Make it so that we can can select from multiple singleplayer campaigns from the main menu UI. IIRC, in HW2, the ascension and tutorial campaigns shared “missionselect.lua” and you had to run custom campaigns from the command line. Player profiles already support multiple campaigns. I think it’s just a UI issue.

A sobgroup function to list subsystems on a ship might also be useful.

I have a HUGE list of changes coming to all of this - I can’t go into details until we’re about to ship 'em - promises unmet are bad things… But trust me, ya’ll are gonna freak. Some of the stuff we started in the last patch is going MUCH further; plus lots you won’t begin to guess :wink: That said, expect a ton of major edits - for the better - but still, lots to learn again…


Okay, sounds cool!

I was talking with SirRunOn today and he could really use a function to set the Tactics level for a sobgroup. Currrently AFAIK there’s only the SobGroup_GetTactics() function to get those values. No way to set them. Thanks.

Seriously? There’s nothing to set that?! Wow.

Maybe the wiki I’m looking at is out-of-date. Dunno.

I’ve been looking for something similar

The basic idea being that when a player sets the tactics for a ship it changes the energy distribution of the ship, for example

normal: balanced
defensive: all to firepower and shields
travel/retreat: All to engines

this works fine with a gamerule script, but there is no way to force tactics on the AI to use this type of functionality

Additionally some multipliers can be set like scaling max speed but it looks like others such as sensor range cannot

It does seem as if we can set the way a ship acts using player_setdefaultshiptatics and a similar command for sobgroups but we cannot set them to get bonus speed, healing and damage from them. This is pretty minor though.

There’s a wonderful list of availahle functions on karos graveyard. The real problem I’m working on curtently is the lack of a map by map LUA file to allow control of non player forces for games like fortress breach or tower defense. Current setting limitations force all maps of say deathmatch(the only current option) to behave identically and for all npc ships to behave with the exact same tactics in the exact same way et all. Even in creating say a tower defense all maps of the type would have to behave with the exact same timings on the exact same waves and exact same approach vectors. Though ships and scenery could vary between maps.

We really could use a way to embed a small amount of scripting into each map that interacts with the overall script. It would allow for variety.

Also currently npc, race -1 ships can’t be targeted normally, preventing inexperienced players from fighting back against them. Some information on a way to script so that certain npc objects can be targeted normally would be appreciated.