Modding in our own Campaigns?

Will it be possible for us to create modded campaigns and missions for a singleplayer experience? I have several ideas that I’d like to implement for such, which I feel could work even using an otherwise vanilla Homeworld Remastered game. I know that some total conversions had modded in missions, and I think it’d be wonderful if we could have our own campaigns, Vanilla or otherwise.

Yes this was possible in HW2, just be prepared for A LOT of custom scripting and learning how the stock missions were built. Gearbox did an amazing job of porting the hardcoded HW1 missions over to lua and it will be a great resource for many mods

Wait, were HW1 missions actually hardcoded? GB had to create new mission scripts for these?

Most things in HW1 were hard coded. For example the ship and weapons slots, there was a source file with all of the kushan carrier that had a (c and .h file) along with the .ship that was loaded with the tweakable values. You could tweak the values, but it was going to be a carrier, or a probe or intercpetor and you couldn’t add new slots with unique behavior. The campaign had scripts for adjustment for things like the maps, but in HWR there are a lot of comments in the campaign and even HW1 AI that talk about porting source into Lua

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Are you sure about this? I looked to do a SP Campaign in HW2 just couple years ago and in researching found near ZERO resources talking about about this… but more importantly found ZERO successful attempts pulled off. Do you have a link of a MOD or some documentation that has actually done a campaign, 1 map or more?

I’ve done it, it’s not released yet but is in polishing stages and very playable. Battlestar Galactica did it. I understand Complex Simple adapted the stock campaign to work with the mod. I think PDS did the same thing, but I don’t know first hand.

I made a mini-campaign and posted on the relic forums a while ago. It got zero replies so I figured no one was interested in campaigns. I’ve started work on a turanic raiders 4-mission campaign for RM…

The scripting works in the same way as HW2. Plenty of resources over at karos graveyard including function reference, which is very useful:

Can you post your mission map link for download? I would love to load it up and take a look!

I researching making one a while back but it looked far FAR too difficult to be practical. I wanted to be bale to do cut scenes, script AI (including use of cloak and mines), and have multiple missions. I think I remember at the time one of the hurtles was making cut scenes with in game units, but I can not remember the actual issue.


Here we are:

It was based around Captain Soban, the guy who turns up in mission 2 of HW2.

It is possible to do a lot with campaign missions, but it takes lots of scripting and trial and error…!

I’ve searched many times and haven’t find anything, I’ll have a look.

Similar issue: again, not new, if anyone is interested in a small singleplayer project with low commitment, have a look here and send me a message. Even if you don’t want any commitment, just comment what you think.
It’s supposed to be a cooperative project with each one testing and commenting someonelse’s mission within a Github base (or SVN). From my experience working with 4 other partners in the previous HWRMOD, it’s exciting to have a group of ppl co-working in the same project with freedom to create and debate within certain parameters.

@Dom2 -
Some time ago I slightly altered a Chimera-class station and called it LYCIA, which is a place in Turkey related to the origin of Chimera name/myth. I was thinking of more variations like your Jericho station.
Have a look: