Modding tutorials Master Thread

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For new users to this forum, various members have made some great tools and tutorials you could use for modding Homeworld Remastered and Homeworld 2. Check them out here:




Ship Rigging (HODing)

Modelling & Texturing (artistic)


Helpful Information

EDIT: Also, @JoeKGBX made this editable by anyone so you can add information to it.

How To Add Ion Turrets To HW2 Remastered Destroyers?
[TUTORIAL] Blender - Getting a simple ship in game
[TOOL] DAEnerys - DAE Ship Editor
Can the .HOD files be opened by blender or some other free program?
HODOR getting stuck on conversion to DAE
Complete noob to Homeworld. Planning to get a copy from steam
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  1. Stop using my stuff to boost your like count :stuck_out_tongue: I see what you are up to!

  2. You missed the first and arguably most important one:

  1. The way you have those links set up, they take people to the last post of the thread, not the first.

  2. It is a very good idea to have a tutorial master thread - not just my tutorials, but others could be included too, like @Pouk’s recent one and even some off-site ones. The thread could be stickied.

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Yes… I need 1 more stickied thread and then I have 3! :slight_smile: I will edit it so it goes to the beginning.

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Done it twice now! :wink:
I’ll stop! I swear! (In 3 topics time! ;))

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There should be a master thread for tutorials.

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I’ll edit the title and people can give me links to put up.

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So? is this going to be a master thread?

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@Pouk, what links do you want?

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This is a useful one by @Pouk. I haven’t tried doing this in HWRM yet, but I think it is still applicable…

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Sort of, but I’ll make a short updated version as the final chapter of my ship creation tutorial/making of.
Because as I always say (that’s a lie, I never say it, it’s just my philosophy), the ship isn’t finished until it has a custom icon.

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I would suggest making this thread a tutorial and tool reference. It could have HODOREST and that GIMP tool that @xercodo made.

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Maybe you should make a tutorial master thread though, nathanielmattock haven’t added any more tutorials in here, neither changed the thread’s name, even though he said he would two days ago. Plus the discussion here is a whole lot of meta talk about what this thread should be.

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My PC stopped working and I can’t add links on my phone.

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That’s not good :frowning:

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Yeah, I am trying to fix it ATM and all my mod work is on it so…

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Got it to work! :sunglasses:

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(Since three subtle hints didn’t do it) this one nathanielmattock:

You can swap it for the icon tutorial.

Also Dom asked you to make his “Getting a simple ship in game” to be the first in the list, so it’s all in a logical order.

And you never looked into the list on the modding wiki I’ve posted, there’s a map making tutorial too. And Blender export discussion .

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HI, I’m bringing this up to ask if anyone is willing to explain how to make the support textures and/or point a good tutorial in each matter and putting them in the INDEX (OP post).

  • GLOW
  • NORM
  • PAIN
  • REFL
  • SPEC
  • STRP
  • TEAM

Some of them were probably demonstrated already within other threads, but we must recover the specific post for each texture.

(Siber) #20 has a pretty good rundown of the texture channels on it.