Modding tutorials Master Thread

@JoeKGBX thanks for making the first post a wiki, so anyone can edit it. I have edited it to add all the tools and tutorials I could find. Please could we have this stickied?

This link has been fixed.

The link to the new Tactical Icons tutorial leads to the Mas Animation thread :wink:

Fixed. Unfortunately I was editing it at the same time as @Xercodo, so some of his changes got lost… Sorry!

derp I can redo them

Edit: huh, i F5-ed and I dont see anything missing.


Added the GIMP texture exporter I made and DKesserich’s Blender toolkit on there and made sure everyone’s names were tagged on their tools

Oops, actually it kept yours and lost mine… :frowning: I will sort it - please don’t edit it in the next 5 mins.

Hahah sure np, I think I’m done for the time being :stuck_out_tongue:

I still got an “Internal server error 500”, but it seemed to work this time…

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No problem, it can happen ^^

I jsut did a quick change (added the link to HODOR showing where in Steam you install the HW Toolkit) and it also gave me that error but seemed to work *shrug*

Thanks for the add!

Is there a tutorial JUST about using RODOH to disassemble old HODs, and then re-assembling them into new HODs using HODOR?

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I think they were planning to have a text file for handling hardpoints, dockpaths more easily. I looked through the unpacked 2.0/2.1 files and didn’t see any examples.

has anyone figured out how this is supposed to be done

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thank you for tying this all together.


Does anyone have a backup of the relic forums? only has so much, and there was a ton of knowledge in those threads!

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Was wondering if we are ever going to get a tutorial on Modding Hyperspace Gate Effects/Colors

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Looks like you can edit the hyperspace colors here:

The duration, fx effect, and audio can be changed here:

Sadly I can’t find the FX Tool I used to create the Battlestar Galactica hyperspace effect long ago. :confused:

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I’ve programmed a new one.



(edit:) here.