Mode released after Face off mode will be 3v3

From the dev stream. Begin discussion now :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea, actually. New gameplay experience and works with low player base.

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Sounds like imma be shoe horned Into playing support so long as I play that game type

Still will be interesting to see how this game works though

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All I can say I guess is looking for competent third. Like: long walks, killing varelsi. Dislikes: dps mikos




Do you trust random support? I don’t

Ummmm I’ve had good and bad and average random support experiences.

I trust random support enough to feel ok if someone else picks a support. But with only 2 other players when I usually pick last, what are the odds one of them will pick a support?

Miko will have to actually throw Kunai In This game type to even be valuable I think. Sounds like hybrid Miko style will be best style

Sorry to Burst your collective bubble, but the mode after face off will be 3v3. Says so in the dev news topic in bold



The whole time I was thinking “didn’t they say after face off” so thanks for clarifying

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The real question - will new PVP / E modes bring a fresh injection of new or returning players or split the existing player base even further between more queues?

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3v3? That sounds kinda…not good? It’s hard enough sometimes to get your groups down to 5 let alone 3. lol Also that would also suggest a small-ish map, otherwise 3 people will be pretty void of action (unless the varelsi swarms are large)…I don’t know, I’ll have to wait to experience it to make a more substantial opinion.

Hopefully there will be a 5v5 option along with that 3v3 option.

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I am absolutely giddy to hear that a 3v3 mode is next after Face-Off. Quicker matches, better connections (from an Australian perspective) and beautiful, violent skirmishes. My bio-claw is so ready, guys.

I’m quite content for it to even be a mindless TDM. I love the combat mechanics in this game, and having a proper skirmish mode is going to give this game extra longevity even if the playerbase keeps falling. I’d prefer some objective play, of course, with buildables and all, but I’ll take anything.


Title edited for accuracy.

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This remind me when Riot added Twisted Treeline map for League of Legends moba.

This map was big snowball most of times but it had significiently different meta than usual one.

Biggest changes in metagaming were lack of viable supporters on the map so Riot started producing offtanks, tough brawlers with high sustainability that had both toughnes and dps combined with some CC or speed skill to close in gaps (Galilea is closest we got).
Soon,because of offtank popularity, in both 3v3 and 5v5 people almost only used offtanks. They needed long time to rebalance supporters being viable ingame.

Now,im not saying that gbx gonna do this (they already stated that there would probably not be heroes after no30).

Im just saying that i dont think a 3v3 mode will bring anything good.

To make point clear-did anyone on pc play any mode instead of incursion during rumble? Cause i did not. In every game i have played people voted for incursion maps.Only mm was faster during rumble.

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So Battleborn is trying to do WoW Arena.

Yea, they have no idea what sort of crapshow Arenas were, do they…

When you start narrowing the numbers down to 3 players, the classes that are going to be picked will be a lot more critical. The classes with the highest consistency to win would be the most selected, and the ones that don’t would be underrepresented. Hell, there are already characters with 5v5 that are underrepresented already, so this 3v3 implementation would further exacerbate the problem.

I hated arenas in WoW since my characters and specs were not arena-viable, and I wasn’t going to change them just because it was only going to be useful in that one mode.

I can suspect if 3v3 is active at this very moment, all we could see in them are a combination of Miko/Thorn/Montana or Boldur. The rest of the others would probably be rarely played when they can’t win consistently enough, or don’t bring enough synergy on the table.

I don’t understand why GBX are changing everything into a 3 man game, when there is a lot more team variation and combination and mix-ups with 5.

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At the risk of stretching things, I’d suggest that we do already see 3v3 play - in Meltdown, when lanes often split this way. And when it comes to a 3v3 skirmish in a Meltdown lane, Miko/Thorn/Montana is no more daunting than many other possible permutations.

I actually think that the number of players matters far less than the objective GBX choose for the mode. Case in point: Incursion and Meltdown are both 5v5, but there are far more characters that are “viable” in Meltdown than in Incursion. Likewise, Capture is 5v5, but it doesn’t play anything like the other two modes.

I’m on PS4, not PC, so I can’t answer directly, but only a a single one of the Rumble games I played this weekend (10 or so) was Incursion. The rest were all Meltdown and a single Capture game.



It’s not like the 3 versus 3 mode will be our only multiplayer mode option…

Although I’m sure it will be the busiest for a while after release.