Mode where you start at Level 5


I want to see everyone using their ultimates right from the get-go :slight_smile:

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NOOOOO!!! So much of the game happens before lvl 5, I would hate to see this happen.

Start at level 5 = Orendi wins. Preamble and Renaissance out the gate, and halfway to Pillarstorm? That would be bad, if you weren’t Orendi.

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I mostly enjoy the battles that happen before the lvl 5. So I guess this kind of mode will not be for me ^^.
BUT I think they could totally do this as a chaos rumble for a few days + make it so that kills/deaths will not be traced in your career sheet.

…This would be fair when you start the dlc at 50 OPs.
Currently you don’t do enough damage out of the shoot.


Sorry! Devs have stated progression is key. Late game domination would ruin that

Whiskey Foxtrot beats his chest

Triple Nades and healing after every kill right out the gate?! HELL YEAH!

Just one level away from my bread and butter, NAPALM! Oh, yeah Overdrive’s cool too, I guess. BUT NAPALM NADES THOUGH!


Seriously, as Whiskey main, I’d love this. The problem is that you would NEED an Attikus and Whiskey Foxtrot on your team at all times. Both become unkillable after mid game. So the gamemode wouldn’t be fun for anyone but myself, and the one guy who plays Attikus on console.


Hey now!

…but yeah

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Sounds like a fun temporary event. Orendi would be owning most of the time. I would still pick Pendles and killl many players with his ultimate.

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Don’t forget that Rath gets to start with all of his CC, his passive would actually be useful from the beginning plus Dreadwind. Squishies beware.

Toby (wearing fake mustache and a trenchcoat):

What about if we- I mean… What if the BATTLEBORN started at level 10, guys?