Moded weapons ruin the game?

This topic as probably been brought up before. But it’s new to me as I’m recently new to online gaming so have little or no understanding of them.
Anyway was playing online last night bl2 left my game open to public as I’d ran around lighting the totems for dexidious and fancied ago at him. After killing all the badasses he appeared above me then 2 minutes into the fight I had 3 others with me battling away it was really enjoyable, but that didn’t last long as the fight had ended one of the players waited till everyone had gone then messaged me saying he had dropped some gear on the floor for me I turned round and it wasn’t gear I’d seen before light blue in colour no names I recognised so I assumed it wasn’t legit. He went an left the gear. I must have spent 30 minutes deciding what to do with it I wasn’t sure if it could harm my game if I picked it up maybe it had bugs in the weapons etc. Then I realised that battle I’d just had didn’t mean anything cause it was probably won with weapons not designed for the game.
I can’t see how those weapons enhance the game in anyway the joy I get is in the struggle of fighting bosses etc and if my gear isn’t up to it then I go spend hours looking for gear that is. If I could one shot everything then there’s no point playing it.
I completely understand that others may not share my opinion and that’s cool.
I’ve had plenty of help getting up to op8 gear donated to me (none of it blue in colour) time spent helping etc. And in return I try to help others now weather thats giving them gear running Op’s doing quite etc. Isn’t that supposed to be how it is rather than a quick fix.

Oh what did I do with the gear on the floor left it there quit an excited.

Sounds like Pearlescent/cyan weapons.

That color?

definitely not, that’s one of them no distinguishing marks just pale blue/purple in colour, one was called tricky shot infinity. And other weird names

The consensus here, and at Gearbox, is yes.

They definitely ruin the game. We also get a little cagey about discussion of this topic because someone always pops up and says how great they are at hacking, and then we have to ban them.