[MODELING] HW2C to HWRM model conversion request

Could someone with some time on their hands please convert these two old HW2 models to the new HOD format? The models are of Cataclysm’s crystals, and are needed for two of my mods. I will put you in the credits of my mods!

Thank you!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/k642wh0e45c8yks/hw2c_salvage_crystals_01.zip

Сheck this
Download: http://hw.serv-host.org.ua/dir/fileHW/hw2c_salvage_crystals.zip

Thank you!! I will check them out tomorrow.

Could you or someone also convert these clouds and megaliths to the new format?

And add a resource latch point to this asteroid HOD?

They are all SUPER SIMPLE models and should be easy to work with.


Сheck this
Download: http://hw.serv-host.org.ua/dir/fileHW/hwrm_asteroid.zip
Download: http://hw.serv-host.org.ua/dir/fileHW/hwrm_boxmodels.zip

C hwrm_cloud is in the process, there are some problems with the shader!

It can help developers understand the mistake?


The shader you are trying to use doesn’t exist - wild guess the HWRM version has a different name?

A standard -dustyCloud- , but does not understand this shader PROGRESS!
If I replace to -ship- everything works, it’s weird!

Well, just be careful - ship may not work for a dust cloud :wink:

what about now with the mistake dustCLOUD?

They are just regular clouds, not dust clouds.

I’m not sure what you mean?

If you look in SHADERS.MAP you’ll see all of the shaders the game understands, etc… one of those should be appropriate for a cloud.

The “clouds” are actually textures with numbers on them mapped to a square.


See the numbers?

I don’t really care what shader is used. In fact, whatever makes the numbers most legible would be best, such as a totally transparent shader or whatever.

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$diffuse[8888] = 1 1 1 1

Everything is there , but the dismantling oldHOD of an error, what to do?

I have no idea without looking - which I can’t do right now. I’ll be looking at RODOH errors and issues soon - hopefully starting tomorrow evening.

Well, we’ll wait !

Thanks again for the help, panda!!

No problems :wink:

Not to sound impatient, but will we need to wait 6 months for patch 2.1?

2.1 is already out since the 10th of June, so nope :stuck_out_tongue: ^^

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