Modes in Spanish?

Why are all my choices of modes in Spanish? It’s not a huge deal, because I can read in Spanish, but why?

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We’ve been posting this in the bugs area, it has been happening since the Amazon snafu.
I get Spanish and Chinese menus after Bots matches.

First time I’ve had this problem.

It only happens on one of my accounts so I know it’s random

I have to admit, I’m kind of jealous. Mostly because it would likely result in hilarity for my wife (being fairly competent in multiple languages, I sometimes don’t notice when I’m reading something in another language)

Mine is in German
I think it’s hilarious
Kind of hope it’s a weekend joke from GB haha

There are already a few topics regarding this bug, here the two most recent ones to continue the discussion:

I encountert this bug myself several times before, in spanish, french and russian. French mostly.
It should change back if you leave the game or play a mission/match.

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