Modified RTH30 Singleplayer maps

Hey guys, i just made some modifications on few chapters of road to hill 30. (Cole’s charge,No better spot to die/Hill 30, and Victory in Carentan to be specific) and will upload them if one asks so :smile:

Here’s some a bit of explanation and screenshots ahead about the modified maps, you might noticed that i used textures and few contents from EiB.

Cole’s Charge:
I’ve added some few more corpses on the bridge as well some weapons with “Randomized” Textures on it, unfortunately… it can’t be picked up and only act as prop :frowning:

====In-game Screenshots====

Yeah, what you are seeing is right… it’s Friar’s face texture and an M3A1 prop which you can’t pick up (Obviously, it’s a static mesh :smile: )

The probable Sgt.Lewis along with his Garand, nothing new.

A Guy that got killed by the debris and dropped his Thompson there below (EiB Model, modified in editor to use MRW’s dark thompson texture)

Another default corpse placed by the original developers of the map, i just changed his location and the direction he’s facing and added a Colt 1911 near him.

He took his last shot of Cigarette just before he succumb to his wounds from the Bombing, i’ve also managed to get his Garand Rifle “Holstered” in his corpse.

Another soldier using Jameson’s head texture and with a M1 Carbine textured with MRW next to him.

Another corpse (uses Allen’s dead model, placed by the developers of the map by default) with a BAR next to him (Textured with MRW, only static mesh)

Aside from Desola, there’s also some another mutilated that i’ve added in the bridge so desola “Can’t be alone to experience the nightmare of war,” he has a MRW textured Garand next to him.

A radioman’s corpse near the bridge itself, he wasn’t lucky enough to survive.

Most of it were so far only a small detail for the map, but they’ll work at it’s best when you played through “Purple heart lane” and this Chapter with either three of Rendroc’s Warzone mutator (CombatZone,Battlezone or the Warzone mutator itself :slight_smile: )

Now for other two, i mainly fix some things in these two chapter to match EiB Counterpart.

No Better Spot to die/Hill 30 Chapter
I’ve modified the Ditch to match it’s Earned in Blood Counterpart, you can’t get past Pvt.locke and i can’t do a thing about it.

Victory in Carentan

Added a Scar in Baker’s forehead by using textures from Earned in Blood, as well as matches the Body model he used in “Eviction Notice” Oh, he seems to be also annoyed after i fixed his character model :sunglasses:

That’s all of it, please give your feedback about what you think of it and i’ll upload it to Moddb if you want to, Peace out ~Warrior250


If you need other npc weapons texture, don’t hesitate to ask! :wink:

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(UPDATE on Cole’s Charge)
Changed the Helmet Hartsock threw to the river to Nearly match EiB Version (i made it like that since many might not bother to look at it anyway :slight_smile: )

Also, i recently found out that i can use Scripted Sequence to easily animate Animpawn to pose as dead bodies now :slight_smile: so i made a few modification again on the bridge and used the old animpawn as another corpse, here’s an Editor/in-game screenshot.


Im learning things as i mess around, :smiley: Still had to go through learning the brain-cracking programmer alike TriggeredScript Coding though -_-

Oh, Hopefully… with that being said, i also added more corpses in the Causeway and was still trying to learn how to disable their “bHidden” State via trigger, they do fit with Warzone though!

—Ingame screenshot of how their animated pose–

Action With Warzone mod
York/Doe, err… i mean two randomly named Warzone Soldier Perfectly posed for this shot!

Well, that’s all of the update… sorry for that long stuff, well…i gotta go, time to study now :slight_smile:

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Hi love your work could you upload it to Moddb so I could install it to my brothers in arms game