Modifiers and Krakatoa Issues

Since the new patch yesterday, I’ve noticed that the Krakatoa now has 0% elemental chance and that it seems the modifiers (atleast on Mayhem 10) have been buffed.

When playing the new DLC 3, I noticed that almost every single enemy now has a buddy system drone and those elemental spinners that randomly fall cover the map now and there are so many of them that I can hardly see the map or ground below me. The spinner issue alone is very annoying as its difficult to follow the map when you can barely see it.

I hope this wasnt intentional and the visual screen clutter will be cleaned up at least good enough to follow the trails and paths im supposed to take.

Krakatoa has 0%, it was always like this.

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It was literally always like that

That’s intentional and always has been. The Kratakoa can only burn enemies through it’s on-kill effect, simular to how the Breath of the Dying has a 0% corrode chance.

Ok … I just never noticed that before.