Modifiers are terrible and ruin the game

There’s just no sugar-coating it. Modifiers suck and ruin the entire experience of this game. I want to play the new dlc on mr10, but I have skulls and freeze orbs chasing me.

Then I reroll the modifiers and I have 90% elemental damage reduction on my elemental Amara build.

Then I have to worry about standing still, or immune enemies (I’m colorblind and can’t tell what enemies are even immune to).

Big heads look pathetically stupid in a revenge story that’s somewhat serious.

Reroll again and recoil is too terrible to play through.

Reroll again and Buddy system drones get stuck in walls and ceilings

Reroll again and FFYL is disabled and guardian angel doesn’t work for some reason

This ■■■■ is annoying and not fun.


Thank you ! This is exactly how I feel about them they are childish, stupid and ruined the game for me and you can’t turn them off and if you don’t play them you don’t get the good gear . I hate them with a passion and refuse to play the game .

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Some of them are ok but it’s like no one asked for mayhem 2.0,I’m still thinking (like many others) why not just add on to the old mayhem 4.

This mayhem 2.0 kinda feels like something a game has near the end of its life not right at the beginning but the changes they have made seem for the better for the most part so hopefully they’ll continue to make the game better with these updates

Modifiers switch off option will be appreciated


See that’s the problem there you can turn them off but when you do you’re at mayhem 0 and you are cut out from getting good gear as a punishment. I will gladly play m10 but without the modifiers let me play on skill and abilities not stupid , childish and immature modifiers.


i wanna turn them off finally :frowning:

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