Modifiers or Bullet Sponges, Not Both

I was happily enjoying the new mayhem, then something happened. I went from 6, 7, then tried 8, 9. Then it dawned on me. At those levels the modifiers are pretty much irrelevant. Your just fighting a bunch of bullet sponges. It’s time consuming, it’s not challenging, it’s tedious.

Why bother with creative modifiers if you’re just going to rely on the tried and lazy method of bullet sponging. Two anointed militant and a bad ass, and your night is going to be long. Even with the new OP and Yellow Cake, it takes forever. Sure say ‘get gud’, call me ‘n00b’. That’s fine. It’s still GBX taken the lazy way out and using bullet sponges.

Make the death heads faster, make them kill you, no FFYL. Make freeze tags faster and deadlier. Scale the modifiers, not the enemies. The reality is, for me, the modifiers aren’t that tricky. It’s the massive buffs. And what’s the point of an IB if it doesn’t scale. It’s just a joke.

Wasted potential.

“We can’t come up with any new modifier ideas”,
“I know, we’ll just buff the bosses”
Cheers erupt.
“Drinks on me”

Levels seven and under are funnish. And it doesn’t seem to matter. I recieved best loot around 5/6. Tried 8/9 a couple of times. Nuttin. What’s the point?

Anywho, I think GBX had a great idea, and just dropped it midway and fell back on bad habits. I will survivr.


Agree with your observation. I think one big issue is the shields. GB couldn’t change the in coming damage when the shields are not scaling. The only thing they could do was sponge-up the mobs, which results no additional difficulty, just longer fights. That’s annoying. The only solution I see is to scale all gear and not just weapons, then they could increase the incoming damage and reduce the amount of sponge. Fights could be faster, but also more dangerous. I hardly ever die in M10, but I’m having to use the Lob more often than I’d like.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the mayhem modifiers. I just kept rolling it until I found a set that was the least annoying. I keep thinking I should roll them again to get a different experience, but I worry that I’ll just keep getting bad rolls over and over.

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Good observation about shields. I don’t think they’ve added anything interesting or scaling. Same with artifacts etc.

The Yellow Cake, Lobs, and OP are cool weapons. But I would rather use them as fall back weapons. The amount of useful weapons is getting smaller. As I said above, I tried MH9, but really so no difference.

Enemies damage is not scaled, only their health is scaled.


i think they should make thing a bit more mechanics based , like u have to do something to make the enemy vulnerable . m10 bullet sponge is only gear race and it actually took it too far .

modifier are ok but i would rather not having them, they only make things a little bit more annoying except ele resistance and no ffyl . its only cater toward some playerbase who wants it (big head modifier , who wouldve thought its actually getting into the game lmfao)

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