Modifiers randomly changing?

I took the time to roll the modifiers I wanted for my Zane and had them since before players could join and roll in our (the host’s) game. I had played with a friend a couple times in 2 weeks leading up to the July 2nd hotfix, and know for sure he didn’t reroll the mods because we just join the other’s game for different ones.

Playing today, my first session since the July 2nd hotfix, I found chain gang randomly switched to laser fare. It took nearly 30 minutes to reroll to my preferred and had to change one. Not a big deal, but my time was wasted from no fault of mine and I’d rather be shooting and looting than reclaiming my modifiers.

So what gives? Did I miss something in patch notes?

This has happened to me but only from people joining when the game is on public and without an invite. This has been happening since the June 25 hotfix.

They reintroduced a couple modifiers that had been disabled for a while. What probably happened is that the others got shifted/pushed out of the way.

Say, before this update, maybe Laser Fare was “#7” somewhere in the game code, and Chain Gang was “#8”. They reinserted the mods at an earlier position in the list so that Laser Fare is now #8 and Chain Gang is #9. If you had modifier #8 saved in your game, well, #8 now points to Laser Fare.

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