Modifiers to avoid with OP Digi-Clone

In tooling around the past few weeks, I’ve found the following modifiers will really put a cramp on how OP and effective the Clone can be.

Big Kick Energy: Avoid this one at all costs. The weapon spread increase really impacts how often the clone’s shots will make contact. From what I can tell, the recoil increase doesn’t affect the clone, but the gun spread sure did and he was barely hitting enemies at even point blank range.

High Voltage: If you run the clone with an OPQ System most of the time and why not, but this one will make him useless as the enemies will be immune to any shock attacks.

Buddy System: This one can easily be navigated with a clone and drone build, the drone will target the buddy system. But, if you’re running a clone and barrier build, it’ll be a nightmare as the clone will not target the healing drone. You’ll have to do all the work on that and they’re a pain in the ass to deal with. Especially on flying enemies. The same thing goes for Healing drone or Post-Mortem. These are a complete nightmare running a clone/barrier build.

I also avoid holy-crit and not in the face. Holy crit does actually help the clone alot, but the downside is you won’t do much damage without hitting a critical most of the time.

Anyone else experience anything different?

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Buddy-System, Healy Avenger and Death can be dealt with by giving clone a backburner. The rest is very true, OPQS will still do some damage to shock immune enemies, backburner won’t, though.

Will the clone target Death?

Sadly not.

I’d say also avoid galaxy brain. The Clone is good enough at aiming and doesn’t really need the help, but at the same time, he’s gonna take more damage thanks to his bigger head hitbox and it’s just not worth it.

I figured that was the case and I’m not a fan of that modifier anyway.

The modifiers I hate the most are the lava floor and the one that drops elemental pools upon damage/death to enemies.

The splash from backburner can kill death regularly is my experience.

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Nice. I just got my first back burner the other day. It’s really fun

Does the O.P.Q System throw shock? I’m not sure I noticed. :thinking:

It has a shock explosion on hit, but not on every shot (unsure about the actual numbers unfortunately)

lol, I thought that was Hollow Point or something.

And I have found that wearing a Transformer (as I always do) mitigates that self-damage. In fact I didn’t know the O.P.Q. had self-damage until I read it here, never had a problem with it.

As for mods, I avoid Buddy System like the plague since I play on console. Aim assist does not target the drone, and your aim point is always drawn to the enemy, not the drone.

I do usually take Rogue Lite in certain circumstances as a way to avoid a worse modifier. For example, when I’m farming Tom & Xom I take Rogue since there are no minions to 2nd wind from anyway, and if you’re in M-10 against them and go down you’re probably not going to kill one of them for a revive.

And for me, Not in the Face is really bad for me and the Clone since we both rely on critting pretty heavily.

I normally wear a Transformer as well. Sadly, this doesn’t work well with Moze with skills like FITSD which just absolutely wreck you with self damage on the OPQ even with a Transformer. RIP.

Buddy system can easily be dealt with by using a SNTNL cryo Recursion (or a 200% ASA one if using barrier). A couple of shots at random targets and the drones will be gone.

IF you have a recursion lol. I can’t get wotan to drop one. I’ve done the takedown about 8 or 9 times now smdh

You are thinking about the Redistributor (which does not chain to drones btw). The recursion is the old Maliwan alien shotgun legendary that bounces between targets. Pretty common.

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I stand corrected, yes i was.

I can attest to the Recursion being the ticket with Buddy System. I just started an Amara last night and decided to try the Buddy system modifier. Shoot the immune enemy and the reflected projectiles quickly take out the drone.

Not sure what it means, but last night I was farming Traunt for Kaosons. Di not get any, but he dropped a Recursion every run. Capt Traunt on Athenas, not Gen Traunt on Nekrtafeyo, who is the dedicated drop for the Recursion.

If you are using SNTL then Buddy System is easy to deal with. Just make sure you use the cryo augment and have SNTL target the Buddy System.

This sounds like a borderline game breaking thing. Console players should file tickets about this