Modifying/Creating New Characters RTH30/Possibly EiB

Hey Guys, this is probably one of my dream come true stuff. which is being able to create characters with random name yet existing model, this time… i’ll make a Tutorial :smiley:

Make sure you have backup of your ENGINE and SYSTEM Folder incase everything goes south or messed up… you’ll find this useful, trust me.
These two folders are the one we will be focused with modifying.

OPTIONAL, RTH30 Coding Only
In Road to hill 30 Files, you might notice that the code is not in formation and may be hard to read for most people, i’ve found a way to counter it though :smiley:

That’s the messy code at first, but if you have MICROSOFT WORD… you can pretty much fix that,
copy the code then paste it over to the Microsoft word.

You’ll notice the Formatting was corrected, saving you some time and does not require downloading stuff (Assuming that you have Microsoft word, but i guess most if not all computers, have one)

Repaste it over the CharacterSetupUSA It will now look like as if it was fixed and matches the coding of EiB :smiley:

Well, that’s all of the Optional thing, it’s only required for RTH30 since EiB’s SDK code Formatting was fixed.
You can now proceed to editing the file :smile:

Using the Correction of Formatting Steps above (Again, don’t use it for EiB)
We can now modify/add Characters using an Existing model with Ease.

In this Tutorial…
i will be focusing on making a Character named “Simon” using Locke’s head model and is ranked as Sergeant in my case.

First we gotta focus in setting the Character’s head first.
As you can see, you can use many different Character heads. including the main Characters heads.

But if you’re aiming for some Generic type alike of soldiers, here is some head models that best fit for it. (based off what most characters Rendroc has used in his WarZone mod)









Sorry for the load of images, but i guess you might find them useful later on.

After picking the character head we will need to proceed to the next part, although i think this one’s unnecessary… you might find this useful when adding new sounds, Also one more thing, in EiB there’s a big difference between the two.

In RTH30, each Generic Charactertypes is individual and has “GbxBase.VoiceTypeDefault” under them, you might wanna add the character below it like this.


Whilst in EiB, they are grouped.

After that part you will stumble upon this, You can ignore this part.

Again, just get past it.

Setting Character Rank and Ingame name.
Now if we’re done with the steps above we can proceed with Ranking up and naming the character ingame.
put the name of your Character below the other one like (See screenshot)
Here is the Ranks available for US Characters, Caps lock is needed.

Done with the rank? then let’s proceed over the name of the character.

Put the character’s name below the other one in the next part, that will show his name when viewed Through Situational Awareness View.image

proceed to the next part, Do the same but change the " to ’

Now that we set what our character name will be when viewed through SA, we should now proceed with naming the Character ingame.

and then the last part, the Character’s portrait.
The Portrait is an “Character image” that is shown when you view a Unit through SA or when a certain character is shot.

Since we used an existing model ingame (locke, in my case) im gonna use his portrait to best match the character.


That’s it! we’re finish setting up a new character, but it can’t be selected in the Editor yet… so go through the CharacterSetup and add his name to the predecessor (DO NOT Put it over the old ones, it will mess up order of things out)

After that, save the file… compile everything and you’re done! now open the Editor, test out the character.

Test it out and check the characters if they worked… well, actually if it successfully compiled it means it will work ingame.


Well, now we’re done with them… Finally…

Compiling files:

  • In EIB, you might notice that there’s an error when compiling Engine, i can’t fix that at the moment.

  • When you Compile in RTH30, it might cause some errors with Selections, it won’t show any name tags of the Content… it’s just, plain empty :expressionless:



Side notes:

  • Sorry for the lack of detail, as soon i get back from school today… i’ll polish it later.

Hope this helps, and Don’t forget to make a backup copy of the folders! or else you’ll lose everything when messed up.


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You are so awesome for putting that together! It’s very helpful! Thanks and God bless you sir!!

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Don’t call me sir Jmoney :slight_smile: in fact, you guys should be the one i call sir, im glad to help.

Peace out.

Many thanks !!
Do you know how to create new ranks? :star_struck: :grin: