Modifying multiple ship files quickly using a script? (Rapid balancing)

Hello. I was wondering if anyone in the community here has come across a way to use a batch script or some other scripting method to transfer balance values (ship armor, hp, etc…) from a spreadsheet and link them directly into the ship’s definition files. When you need to do a global balance change, such as dropping all ship HP by half, for example, it can be very tedious going through every file and manually finding and changing the ship HP…

Would very much appreciate to know if someone has found a way to do this!

I think the people from FX mod did something like this in the past.

Most text editors and IDEs can do this…

I have a spreadsheet that allows the exiting of all Ships, weapons, subsystems and you can export them one at a time or all in a batch into the correct files/dirs.
Works rather well and I am expanding it a bit to handle a few more changes since HW2.
I Can’t take total credit for it since the original was made by a HW2 dev for just that. but I have modified it a bit. When I am done updating it more I can share it.

The spreadsheets ta_erog is talking about are the “Ship Tuning” spreadsheets included with the RDN Toolkit for HW2. FYI.

Yup, That’s it. They need to be played around with a bit, and I am close to making a importer also to get some of the alt stats in without data entry.

I forgot I have “updated” tuning spreadsheets on my website as well.