Mods and Patience

Continuing the discussion from [Mod] REARM V2 - WIP thread:

Mods are a key part of the Homeworld community. However what happens when you lose interest or misjudge how long and how much effort you have to put in, you might sometimes give up. Discuss!

I do think too many individuals or small teams try to do the whole mod themselves.

Unless a mod’s objectives are truly incompatible, I would like to see a bunch of ‘partial’ mods linked together. for example it would be great to see Star Wars ships in game together.

i know the temptation is to have your own creations be super-powered when compared to everything else, but I’m much more interested in functionality distinctions :

  1. Bentusi might be the only race that can hyperspace.
  2. one race might be able to spam ships easily, but in one on one encounters they’re pretty easily beaten.
  3. one race might be heavily armed and armoured but comparatively slow (like the Star Wars races)
  4. another race might be very fast and manueverable but easily damaged if hit (like the Star Trek races if their energy shields are down)
  5. the Hiigarans might be the only race to use modules, but once built they can’t be replaced, and, this flexibility of having such a high degree of customization means that the ships are comparatively more expensive.
  6. one race, maybe the Vaygr, would have ablative shielding to provide immunity to radiation so they can hide hide in radiation clouds, have a large damage reduction but CAN’T use energy weapons. hiding in the radiation clouds gives cloaking, but they don’t have it anywhere else.
  7. Another race, maybe the Kadeshi, would have really sophisticated EW and sensors.

there should not be completely different kinds of armour based on ship class (fighter, corvette, frigate, etc -that should be differentiated by simply having higher health points). instead, things should be based on the type of weapon (mass driver, energy beam, explosive, EMP) that it protects against.

each partial mod should be tuned to other ships in that mod, but then there should be multipliers that help tune that mod appropriately against others.

If modding became a true community-wide endeavor we could see some incredible stuff.

multiplayer games should have the option of white-listing which partial mods can be used in an encounter.

I know a lot of players want a race that can do everything, but I think it’s much more interesting to have distinctive, maybe even exaggerated, strengths and weaknesses.


When i was modding i knew things would take a while and i also knew that making models and texturing would take a while… but i gave up (sorta) because i had obligations else were… cough cough cough College cough cough

Cough job cough

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At the moment I am helping with the Taiidan Republic mod. Scripting. :wink:

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for me im just waiting for college to finish so i can start my Diploma (Interactive Media and Games)

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You should change your title to your description on your profile page.
(my goal in life is to make games so other people can play and enjoy them)

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Really you should.

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Like the title. :wink:

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