Mods, artifacts, shields, weapons for trade

Looking for an anointed mirv tacular hex (rad)


Anointed Shield-zip drive nova burner, re-router

Legendary shield- rough rider, riposte impales, Black hole, spiked shell nova burner, marathon stop gap, riposte rectifier, bullet buffet messy breakup, transformer

Moze mod-megaton molly mind sweeper, blood-sucking blessed blast master, overcast molly rocketeer, roaring bear trapper, roaring booming bear trapper, roaring reinforced bear trapped, megaton mind sweeper, booming reinforced bear trapper, blood sucking blessed blast master, blessed circulating blast master, augmented honor gaurd blood letter, fortified enhanced blood letter, last ditch bloodletter, hazy molly rocketeer

Artifact-spark plug splatter gun, rear ended victory rush, last stand loaded dice, toxic revenger Otto idol

Anointed Grenade - clone hunter seeker

Legendary grenade- widow maker, rain firestorm, sticky quasar, storm front, spring epicenter

Shotgun anointed-casual the boring gun, speed loadin hellwalker(x3), auditing the butcher (cryo), compressing kill o the wisp, dangerous projectile recursion, double penetrating redline

Legendary shotgun-deep dive facepuncher, influential the butcher, viral the butcher, double penetrating redline (fire), double penetrating the boring gun, redundant brainstormed, cocky flacker, subsidized conference call, itchy flacker (rad), casual flacker, flakker, hostile the butcher (fire), cash infused the butcher (elec), auditing conference call(cryo)

Anointed pistol- packin’ devastator, deluxe baby maker ++, companion

Legendary pistol- packin’ devastator, double penetrating occultist, the doc

Anointed Purple rarity pistol-nasty magnum, double penetrating gratifying duke

Anointed sniper-woodblocker, expert storm

Legendary sniper-high capacity deft Malala bane

Anointed smg-express firesale long musket ++, undermining crossroads (rad)

Legendary smg-handsome jack hammer (cryo, rad, fire)

Anointed rifle- haut rapchuring sawbar, the dictator

Legendary rifle- Lucians call (cryo, fire), engulfing Faisor (rad), burning vulgar alchemist (fire), double penetrating shredded laser sploder (cryo, rad), oozing gratifying laser sploder (cor), double penetrating pent up alchemist (fire)

I will be on tonight.
GT: Whiskey ay GoGo

Whats the stats on the last ditch bloodletter? Also what kind of anoitment on the transformer?

+1 Phalanx, +1 thin, +3 desperate measures
+18% crit damage, +20% cor. Resist, +1666 shield cap.

What anointment do you have?
I only main moze.

On ASE action skill cool down rate is increased by 20% for a short time, I also have one where kill reduce AS cool down I think

Are all other stats the same?


Bored farming and feel like trying the spark plug exploit what kind of gear are you after?

I am no longer looking for an anointed transformer. I am looking for an anointed hive (caustic)

List updated.