Mods == Fan creations?

Is this where mods are going to live, or will they have a separate section?

I thought this was a section for stuff made out of Fans?! Aw man. I was half-way done with a pretty convincing Vaygr Destroyer - 100% cherry blossom folding hand fans. :frowning:

I’d expect mods to live on Steam Workshop; but I have just about zero experience with that, so who knows.

I’d hope steam workshop isn’t the only avenue for modding discussion, coordiation, and so on. My brushes with it in other games haven’t really been that encouraging, though they have admittedly been pretty cursory.

It’d probably be good to have a Gearbox-centric mod forum as well.

Yeah, I’d like to see a separate forum specifically for mods. Having different topics for each major mod can provide a good space for posting updates, while the forum itself would be useful for posting technical questions and such that would be out of place in the regular forum.

Fan creations can easily have sub forums like a mods category, a fan art category and so on, while everything generic stays here. That or some sticky post with all the useful links.