Mods in pre-anouncement stage

We have active modders that already made their own [MOD] threads, but I also have been noticing many folks posting questions about modding, so this thread is for those that want to step up and tell us what are your projects. I know ppl don’t want to make promises, but use this topic to say hello, tell us what you have accomplished so far, even small features.

It’s good to know that we got more semi-active modders than we imagine.


This is great! +1 to you Chimas.

Overview of my Mod

  • 2.5 new, unique races

(v Long-er Term v)

  • Campaign full of thrills and chills
    ~ A few new/“patched” Hiigaran units specifically for the storyline (Different weapons if you see different factions. i.e. a Sobani Destroyer may use different weapons than the traditional Hiigaran Navy’s destroyer does but may use the same hull)

DTM004 Project: FX:Galaxy RPG Mode

Chinese Demo version is coming soon, English version will follow.

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Wow! I’ve been waiting for an HW mod that takes the game beyond simple RTS mechanics. Can’t wait!

As for my own mods, they’re all on Steam Workshop:

This is definitely very cool, keep us posted!

Yo peeps

I dont get on here much but the mod that im working on ATM is



Total Conversion

Every thing is Flying monkey heads

Stupidly over powered

very fun

I will just chime in to say that Star Wars Warlords will return, just very slow progress in rerigging core ships until we get a new RODOH. Hopefully I will have some Remastered artwork to show for it in the coming weeks.