Mods on console for borderlands 2

After releasing mods for fallout 4 on console went pretty well, I’m curious if it would be possible to have mods for borderlands as well. A lot of the mods are pretty cool without ruining the game and I’m pretty curious to see what people could come up with.

Since mods aren’t officially supported even on PC, it’s unlikely. Add to that the prohibition regarding discussion of third party software on this forum, I’m likely to have close this thread unless the concept is only discussed in very broad terms.

What do you mean by broad terms? I don’t want to break the rules, but I was curious about it.

As in ‘Yes I’d like it/ no I wouldn’t’. Or possibly ‘I’d like a mod that did whatever’. But this is really borderline.

I’ll start out.

I’d like a mod that allowed you to increase the player count, so that farmables like Vermi and OOO weren’t nearly impossible to encounter as a solo player. Like the extremely popular slider for PC gamers.

@Psychichazard: Talking about mods isn’t necessarily a BAD thing, if a certain amount of people want a functionality (like above) Gearbox could take a cue from it and add content to this or future games. However, linking to, or instructing someone how to hack their game (outside of in game things like muling) should definitely be forbidden.

I think if it was done in a similar fashion to the Fallout 4 ones, where the list was officially curated by the game developer, I wouldn’t object to it existing. I’d feel more comfortable if there was an active block on running mods in public games, though. (Maybe private games, but then there’d need to be a check that all players had the same mods.)

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Sometime ago I was asking about something like a small dlc pack, to where you could build your own class mods, and guns for fun. I was quickly (and rudely) shot down by a cyber bully who basically ‘declared’ my idea was stupid.
At any rate I was hoping such a thing was still possible.


Yeah, it would be nice if you could Turn in guns, shields, and grenade mods to Marcus and have an 85% chance of being able to recover 1 part from it and .5% chance of being able to recover all parts from it (the amount of other parts scaled somewhere in between). He would keep the inventory of them, and you could select parts from said inventory and get new guns built for you.

And it would be cool if you had a .001% chance that when you talk to him he’d offer to sell you a random unique gun he built. (Grog nozzle, Norfleet, Fibber, etc.)

It would give me a reason to pickup guns again! To think of all the “JUNK” I leave lying around…


I pick them up to restock ammo (even if I just drop them again immediately.) Not everyone is a Hoarder Sal!

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…You know, I never noticed that they restock ammo…Thanks!!

I’d like a mod that allows you to press a different button like the Zoom button when the “Pickup” option is on the screen that lets you strip the ammo from it…

Well take Marcus’s store, a simple workbench that lets you build guns from scratch using parts blueprinted from others (digistruct tech is cool like that). You bring guns to it, deposit them, and the bench copies the parts from that gun, if it doesn’t already have certain ones. Them you pick and choose what you want on that weapon, and presto! A nice shiny fire assault rifle.

Then we go over to Zed’s. There’s a workbench there too, but for shields and class mods. Same deal, bring new stuff to stock up parts, then build what you want, any stat, for any character, then for a fee, you could fine tune each stat (cuz who doesn’t have billions of dollars on their character? (Yet?)) Then bam, you’re running around with Gaige, and that new rifle, and you don’t have to worry about where more boxes are (worrying you may have opened them all) because you’ve now got 2.0 bullet regeneration, and that grounded shield you made is gonna help you survive the next 3 minutes because two badass shock scags are now chasing you O_o

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I’d prefer a % chance of actually getting the parts, that way it wouldn’t be too easy. There is equipment aplenty in the game, so it would make things a bit too easy in my opinion. Some parts might be welded on or something, so they might be harder to disconnect.

What if it were for a legendary items special ability, like the Firehawk shield- Shorted detonator switch 2-3%, or The Bee- Overcharged capacitor 2%
The value would change based on an items rarity, the more common it is, the less likely you are to get that part. Only because farming for some items would get really tedious and stupid. I’d love to see something like this.

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I could finally get the Grounded WTF I so want…

Seriously GEARBOX, can we do this?

I’d rather have 4 player capability first, then I can actually get the stuff I want.

Does anyone from gearbox even read these posts aside from devs?

Yes, they do. Incidentally, this is looking like a wishlist for BL3…

BL2 Mod/BL3 wishlist…6 of one, half dozen of the other

(BL3 is far more likely than Gbx reworking BL2 to facilitate mods)