Mods on the gog version?

I’m new to this game and I really enjoy it. People said this game was boring due to it’s complexity but I think it’s fine it just takes time to reach a certain objective. I got this game on gog because it is drm free and has offline install but I am starting to regret it. I buy almost all my games on steam and I feel like I should’ve done the same with this because it seems the steam version get’s updated quicker and has all the mods. Is there a reason for this? for example Skyrim, a game I own on steam but I download all it’s mods from sites on moddb and nexus. Most games I’ve seen have mods on both the workshop and other sites. Do modders plan to make mods like Star Trek Continuum and Star wars mods compatible with the gog version?

Hi there, I look after most of the Star Trek: Continuum mod :slight_smile:

Our reason for not having a GoG version is that we want to keep everyone on the same version of the mod, using Steam the updates are automatically pushed and we don’t have to worry about a thing!

Eventually, when development slows down or stops for STC we will do a GoG version and upload it to ModDB, but until then we’re going to keep the work to a minimum so we can concentrate on the mod itself, instead of maintaining different versions.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I hope all goes well with the mod, can’t wait for it to be made for the gog version :slight_smile:

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One click download and install not only is a lot easier for the user, it takes a lot of burden off the developers for writing instructions and troubleshooting people’s install problems. On top of that, the uploading process is a lot simpler on steam too, assuming it works as it’s supposed to.

Another issue is simply one of traffic. The moddb versions of my mod have gotten about 250 downloads in their most recent form, the steam item has about 3000 subscribers currently. It’s a bit of a stark contrast.

That said, Fulcrum does have a moddb page with versions that should work with GoG, partly because I already automated a lot of the packaging process before steam was an option.

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yh I thought so, most people are on Steam because it is a better and easier platform. Your mod looks interesting, I’ll be sure to check it out.