@mods, So where is the allowed negative post?

Every day many people want to express that not all is fun and games with Battleborn and start a thread and every time it gets closed because “we already have posts of this kind”
or because the stalwart fans start to insult others and get the posts closed they don’t like.

So why don’t you pin one post where we are allowed to say that we are not satisfied how things are handled?

Maybe it would be god for the layout of the forum if not so many bad topics are on the front page.


Polite feedback is good. Really, that’s what the forum is for.

But many of the people posing in those threads h on either ‘side’) either insult the devs or other forum users, which isn’t acceptable.

We’ve also seeing a lot of the same points being made, often based on impatience our lack of info, that don’t really add much to any discussion. It’s a bit like the ‘nerf so-and-so’ threads. Where a thread already exists, it’s much better to post in that that start another one. It’s also important to remember that the devs do read this forum. Making the discussions on specific topics contained in specific focused threads is better for them.

We do also have the option to merge threads. We do that early, if the new thread brings new info or opinions. But that hasn’t been the case much recently.

Sure, it’d be much tidier to have one single thread, but the devs would really struggle to track it.

The vast majority of people giving feedback here manage to do so politely and calmly, and constructively, and appropriately. There’s little need for us to intervene in those cases.

If you have any further questions or suggestions about moderation, please pm us.


There are many threads closed because its nothing new and very few where it is ok to add your opinion if you are displeased.
Since this is totally normal for positive posts to go on and on or even make new ones without moderation, you are sending the message that no criticism is wanted here.
This will only cause negative posts in general games forums together with the comment that you cant talk freely on the official forum.


Sad to say, but I agree that it does seem at times that there is a trend like this.

Several posts I have seen where people have been having a civil discussion about their issues with the game have been closed after a gearbox zealot comes along slinging insults and accusing everyone of deliberately undermining the game for some obscure, irrational reason.

And before the repetition excuse is used, I don’t see any of the repetitive gushing ‘I love gearbox’ positivity posts being closed.

But, I guess it is to be expected that an official forum would have some level of bias.


Closed, as people seem to have missed or ignored this post.

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Correct. There are rules that need to be followed. Any opinion is welcome, as long as the opinion is expressed in way that doesn’t breach these rules.