Module to allow shipyards to build multiple ships at once

I know that the Kushan and Taiidan can build multiple ships at once (no clue how, that’s part of why I’m here), but could this be an ability added by a module to a production ship?

Would be useful (Production Module) :cry:

Universal Production module…

I saw this mod and wondered if you could break it down to find out what makes build limits in hgn and vgr ships:

That mod almost certainly just takes the Set Concurrent Build Limit function out of the HW1 ships and sticks it to everything with a very large number. This works fine for what they’re doing, but I don’t think this functionality can be enable with a buildable module or research. It’s built into the ship or it isn’t.

Production times are faster for hw2 and also hw2 have upgrades that allow them to produce faster, in the late game hw2 can deploy ships faster than hw1.