Moment of Silence LOL

So it’s looking less and less likely that I’ll be able to preorder Bl3 or even pick it up close to launch. Total power bummer.

What I ask now is for a moment of silence in solidarity with all our other fellow vault hunters who find themselves in this predicament.

Keep hope alive, friends. Our time too shall come. Ain’t no rest for the wicked :blgroup:


Are you going to reveal why you can’t?

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Shhhhhh, it’s a moment of silence, remember?


Well played!

Eh, just haven’t been able to gather the requisite funds. Hit a rough patch just before Bl3 was announced, such is life
Got a couple friends I’ll hit up about spotting me a buck and see where it goes. That wasn’t my reason for posting here though, nor was I fishing for sympathy, this was just making light of a less than desirable circumstance that I thought others might feel as well.
It’s not the end of the world. Unless it turns out I’m like the kid from the Last Starfighter, in which case I’m not sure I’m ready for that kinda pressure haha

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i mean, you could just do a few days after launch.

im just here waiting for the email that says “package is on its way”

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Yeah, but it’s always fun to be on that first wave. Especially when you love the franchise so much. I mean I know it isn’t going anywhere, it’ll be there waiting for me whenever I’m able to make it happen so I’m not getting too down about it or anything.

well, yeah some versions will be available. it might be difficult (or expensive) to get a hold onto the collectors edition. and now with what they revealed that comes with the deluxe edition or whatever its called, id say try to get that at least.

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That’s the $100 version right? That’s what I’m gunning for. Certainly don’t need more than that, and I’d happily settle for the standard edition at this point.

The one for 100 bucks is the Super Deluxe which includes the season pass, which otherwise will cost 50$ on it’s own. So, you kind of save money or rather waste less if you want to get the season pass anyway. I don’t see much reasoning to buy the “regular” deluxe edition, except maybe for the case. I like that one more than the case of the super deluxe edition.

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Yeah that would be ideal. Cause I already know I want all the DLC

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I suppose epic games wont have to option to download the game before it launches and it will probably take me 3 days to download it .

I’m in the same boat :’) I really can’t justify the £50 for the base version let alone the one with the season pass. I’ve never spent more than £20 on a game in my life lmao. I’ve never actually even pre-ordered a game or bought one soon after release :sweat_smile:. This is probably a dumb question but do I save more money buying the version with the season pass than I would if I bought the £50 version and bought the season pass when it’s released? Not really worried about all the other additions to the versions (guns skins etc)

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You’re actually looking out for yourself by not pre-ordering… In theory, yes you would save money assuming you like the game and assuming the DLC’s are actually good, assuming it’s not riddled with predatory microtransactions, and assuming… you get the point… Basically you are trusting Take 2 and GBX to deliver on what they promised…After Battleborn, I’m never pre-ordering a game again and certainly not from GBX…They’ll be sales and other deals that come along the way too if you wait a bit usually…It’s your $$ though and yes, they do design it so that it will be a bit cheaper if you buy everything together ahead of time in the “season pass”