Moment of TRUTH!

So for all you PS4 owners who participated in beta and are keeping score.

They did not give us a code to use to unlock a free hero, all of you now have already unlocked every character and will now have an extra unlock for no reason. Hooray redundancy!

“Here’s even more good news: Hero Keys are reusable! If you complete the challenge objective or reach the required Command Rank at any time after unlocking a hero using a Hero Key, then that Hero Key will be returned to you and you can then use that Hero Key to unlock another hero.”

Look at that guys! Not only did you unlock all characters, but Gearbox did nothing to make right of it, like say “instantly unlock all lore” or something.

Well all you guys are suckers, because I quit playing immediately, now I can unlock Deande and start playing again!

Of course there’s the other aspect that hopefully they WILL do right by us PS4 owners who played beta and give us that second code, I’m a bit skeptical after this whole fiasco in general.


“Alani Early Access: May 24th starting at 9am PDT for all regions”

Very clever Gearbox, release it early on the day that Overwatch comes out. Kudos my friends, kudos. But I think I’m just going to go ahead and unlock Deande and Alani and head back over to Overwatch for awhile.

Thank you folks and good night!

EDIT: Forgot to get to my point as it was pointed out, thank you. So to quote my reply

“Sink or swim fellas, will their action take away anything from Overwatch? Will Overwatch kill Battleborn? Has Gearbox’s lack of action already killed Battleborn?”

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Okay… And… ?

Alani being released the same day than OW launches seems kind of fair. Blizz did hastily pushed their open beta data to the day that … Battleborn was released. And there has already been talk about how patch day was often a Tuesday ( while it’s not that often a launch day ) anyway.



Sink or swim fellas, will their action take away anything from Overwatch? Will Overwatch kill Battleborn? Has Gearbox’s lack of action (substantial hotfixes, patches, updates, etc. already killed Battleborn?


But thank you, I did forget to get to my point!

I’m defending Battleborn on battleborn own forums, this really can’t be a troll, can it ?

No, I read it in other posts. I tend to read a lot of them so I can’t remember which one. My guess is that Gearbox align on Steam maintenance day which is Tuesday for big patches, maybe there is something similar going on at Microsofts or Sonys. Hotfixes being hotfixes they must be deploying them whenever they feel it’s a good idea.

As for the release, yeah true, BB was released on a Tuesday. I am under the impression games mostly released Thursdays or Fridays myself.

At any rate, releasing the first character alongside a big patch on a Tuesday that also happens to be the release date of OW is either a coincidence, or a tongue in cheek joke toward Blizz launching their anticipated open beta access ( because now it would seem anticipated access to a beta is a thing ) on the very day Battleborn was released.



Somehow, this whole debate was interesting the first time, has been the second time, and is really starting to get tedious by now.

Should someone sacrifice themselves and make a bunch of insults just
to get it closed ? Not that it will prevent a new post on the same topic
tomorrow when OW is actally released, but really having this thread
hanging on top of the forums is now kinda annoying.

Watch your step sheeple, Here be trolls!

I’m not sure if this counts as a duplicate thread, but I’ve seen you constantly talking about this issue all over the forums:

and more.

Please use existing topics.

Well it’s not a duplicate thread.

Because now we finally get to see if this expansion will get Battleborn on the right track.

All those other things are just very much involved as to whether the game will survive or not lol.

So, just for the record.

For anyone who may be reading this in the future.

Calling the majority of our users “suckers” is obviously an egregious violation of Forum Rules.

I cannot stress this enough people, say what you will about the game. Anything you wish. Declare you hate it and it is the worst thing ever, but the moment you insult our users, consequences are imminent.


Gooood point, found it a minor word to use. I will remove it. Sorry to aggravate!

Forum Rules Note 2.

People are given leniency the first time they “accidentally” insult our users.

Surprisingly less so on the fifth.


Yeah that was like the first time I ever did that, mostly as a bitter joke during that moment of realization about the nature of the debate and how it’s been ongoing for days - weeks - to no avail, no goal, no purpose.
It wasn’t funny, though. There are limits even to humor.

However, I have no idea why someone would go out of their ways to find other posts of a person just to make some unfathomable points. Since I’ve been participating in this forum since the game was officially released, I’ll leave to the community I like to thnik I’m a part of to decide whether I’m a troll or not.

In the mean time, and in the glorious words of some of our dearest moderators, please talk about the game and not other players, even when those other players are conviently myself…

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While GBX employees have said multiple times, that they didn’t plan for any competition with Overwatch, this thought seems to have stuck with some people.

Actually, there are the following (possible) user standpoints:

  • One does care for Battleborn, but not for Overwatch. (As I do, because in my personal opinion GBX seems to care a lot more for their playerbase than Blizzard)
  • One cares for both games and is going to play both games.
  • One cares for Overwatch, but not for Battleborn. (In which case, they probably won’t read the GBX Forums anyway)
  • One doesn’t care for either game. (Same as above. Why would those people read this?!)

So, while @joelcdavis90 is obviously one of the people that are convinced there will be an epic standoff between BB and OW, I just don’t see it.
Also, Threads like this have been closed A LOT due to their rapid deterioration. :rolling_eyes:

I didn’t need to search, I was involved in the conversation you got shut down with those comments, and then i see you again flaming…
and now you quote the mods at me, huh well i can guess who gets painted as the bad guy here

Forum Rules Note 3.

Regardless of however much one may think some one is or isn’t a troll.

Discussing other users is 100% strictly prohibited as I’ve literally just said above.

One more instance and this thread will be closed.

Again and to reiterate.


If you have a problem people, use the flag function.


What the hell is up here? We’ve done pictures. We’ve stated this over and over and over. The flag function EXISTS. USE THE BLOODY THING.

And still…we get personal comments. Not cool at all. If you want to bitch about other people, go on YouTube. Reddit. Facebook. Anywhere but here.