Monarch Amara vs the Trial of Fervor + Cartel Event, Mayhem 10

Yeah, running a trial/takedown/slaughter arena with an event is usually a bad idea, and the, err, Mayhem is just too much to handle, but Amara feeds on chaos. O_o The cartel event in particular provides a ridiculous amount of extra spawns. But clearly with the right build, it’s all gravy. Honestly this run is insanely fun.

•This isn’t a speed run, nor is this build max DPS best-of-the-best, meta. But it’s what I like to do: make a build which doesn’t actually require much skill/timing/glass cannon gymnastics. Mostly because I’m not that great. Mayhem 10 has provided lots of frustration and trying builds, and I generally fail at copying builds because I find I’m not that great of a player. I have to find things that work for me.

•I typically run with the invulnerability drone modifier, because it’s easy second winds and otherwise doesn’t screw too much with gameplay (except when the drones hover outside the map. Lol), but for this chaotic hell-scape, crit damage and big head mode help even the playing field a bit.

•I’m a big fan of the Double-Downer. That and the guardian rank perk plus indiscriminate, the Monarch, and Amara’s status effect skills mean you have a ridiculous amount of time to get back up, and FFYL loops basically don’t exist. It’s a little cheap, perhaps, but then again so are the mechanics of half the badass enemies I melt through, so… /shrug

•About that Monarch… Easily my favorite gun from the Cartel. I started farming a 1% anointment as soon as I saw what it was about, and it does not disappoint. I suppose you could get more out of it with an elemental ASE anoint & the Pearl. But I like to run a cutpurse with this setup, and the 1% anoint means less time swapping things in the menu. I also kinda like the freedom of the non-elemental version - Amara can put as many elements as she wants on anything, and thank THE GODS they fixed sustainment to work with infusion, etc.

•I haven’t even gotten optimal gear for this yet. I’d like a zerker with accuracy or mag size perhaps, I could throw a cutpurse with AR damage on there, and another grenade (Fish slap with cryo ASE would be great). But… Small things.

Anyway, fun times. Enjoy those 15 minutes of Amara the damage sponge. :+1::+1:

Edit: uploaded the wrong video. The right one is up now.


monarch isnt cartel gun

It was added along with the event and Mayhem 2.0 - that’s all I meant by that. I kinda lumped them together in my mind. Kinda irrelevant.

Yea Dan it isn’t a Cartel Gun, jeeze!

j/k Great post, just havin fun on a run. Best kind of videos +1 :+1:

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Ohh, you can play Amara without crashing 5 minutes after spawning? You sir, are one lucky man!

I’ve had crashes, but almost every single one I’ve had has come from ANY Mayhem modifier which spawns extra enemies - particularly entities which can damage you. So, cryo orbs, the spinners, etc… Nope.

The invincibility drones have been much more stable, so I play with those some times. I’ve had almost no crashes since rerolling away from those modifiers.