Monarch and lack of drops

so 2 days and 285 killavolt kills on mayhem 6 and not 1 monarch! I call bull**** on that get your loot drops sorted out ffs, I was getting more regular drops before the new mayhem levels were put into the game on mayhem 3! this is a joke and to watch the favoured streamers getting on stream monarch after monarch is a joke! stop favouring the pc version over consoles. pc will never out number consoles and if all consoles stopped playing or purchasing your product your company would sink FACT! so again please sort out the DIABOLICAL drop rate in the game!


That is one horrendous streak of bad luck. I think the worst streak I had was 40 tries without a Monarch. The worst for any of the new Mayhem 6 exclusive drops was 70 tries without a Plaguebearer. Sorry to hear about your unlucky streak.

They are working on improving dedicated drop rates.

Common feedback we receive is for named enemies to have their own drops. We are looking at making those changes and spreading out the loot pool in a future patch. This will coincide with an increase to the drop rate for dedicated loot.

I feel your pain and known it and have been saying it.

But we’ll be drowned out by a few players saying.

Nope u got bad rng i got mine a ok i got 50 of em in one day for a few hours. Haha to u.

Ur experience is invalid games fine… Go farm some more.

Gotta try 8 hours a day 7 days a week. For one drop.


Yeah that sucks I’m sorry. I haven’t even tried farming for a monarch yet. Killavolt is dick an annoying fight.

Gbx will be fine without console players though.

I dont have any problems getting a Monarch at all. I just can’t get the one I want … (x8 with SNTNL Cryo).

I have atleast 25 M10 Monarchs but not a single one I want or that compliments my Dome and Drone Zane build. FML

Too much quantity … not nearly enough quality.


Hey man, don’t hate on the pc bruh.

PC is tasty, it’s tasty!

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Im on pc also.

I farmed warden for 7 hours thats hundreds of kills as i insta kill him… I saw 1… i did another 5 hours next day and got 1.

I made a thread how i farmed killavolt and showed nonstop picture after picture of hours of progress and each was a ■■■■■■ enchant like extra attack of rakk or iron bear fire rate. Etc.

The games so bad ur imagining pc players dont have issues… I understand i thought console players were fine.

But i have access to both with my brother in law and godson living close by with multuple consoles. Hardcore gamers. Game sucks for everyone.

I would disagree that PC doesn’t outnumber console players. The PC vs console numbers have really made a curve in the last few years.

But I do really hate the PC favoritism from most software companies, although it is warranted for the most part. I’ve always heard that PC platforms, e.i. Epic and Steam etc are much easier and cheaper to deal with in releasing updates.

The example I always use is the “Community Patch” that PC players got in BL2. This was a huge success from what I hear in terms of gameplay. Yet it didn’t make it to either console version of BL2(vanilla BL2 or the Handome Jack Collection). Now that is PC favoritism. So far, however in BL3 I haven’t really noticed as much favoritism towards PC vs console.

Sorry I don’t mean to derail your thread. Drop rates are, in fact very awful when looking for dedicated drops. They say they are “looking into it”, but it’s hard to keep my hopes up sometimes with that answer.

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You on PC?


Yes. Im on Epic Games

Got m10 monarchs that would be good for a phasezerker Amara?

You dont get deals because sony and microsoft and you cant modify the game because of

Sony and microsoft again.

Middlemen meddling.

Community patch solved alot of bugs.

Communuty patch is by the community though its not like gearbox made it. Twitter users like shadow etc i follow. Hes one of the starters for it.


I hope so if you are thinking about offering a trade. I’ll take a look.

Any particular anoint you are looking for?

Oh for sure if offer a trade. I’ll hit you up later


These are the Monarchs that I have. All are M10.

Cryo x4 with ASE 100 Cryo
Cryo x4 with While Airborne 60% Crit Damage
Shock x8 with Sliding Fire Raet 25%
Shock x4 non anointed
Radiation x4 with 8%Mag Regen while Auto Bear is active.

x4 ASE Fire Rate 25% Reload Speed 29%
x4 Swap Digi Clone Reload
x4 Swap Digi Clone 12% Ammo Regen
x4 ASA 200 Weapon Damage
x4 Airborne 30%Fire Rate
(2) x4 Barrier 50% Status Effect Chance
x4 SNTNL 9% Fire Rate 23% Reload Speed
(2) x4 Sliding 40% Damage Increase
x4 ASE 15 ٪ LIfe Steal
x4 ASA Damage Reduction
x4 Airborne 60% Crit Damage
x4 ASA 75% Damage to Badass/Named Enemies

You may also be interested in:

Plaguebearer Cryo 300/90 (33444 Damage)
Plaguebearer Fire 300/90 (33050 Damage)

Double Pen Tiggs Boom Radiation 1078x18 with ASE 125% Weapon Damage to Badass, Named and Boss

x20 Anarchy with ASA 200% Weapon Damage

I also have some x2 Recursions

(here is my Theory). When Mayhem 2.0 came in (at the same time as loot the universe and cartel so who knows what actually broke it) gear drops went to absolute garbage… However those that were geared/skilled enough just went straight to M10 and seem to be the most outspoken about “oh it’s just RNG”. This OP is an example of it not being okay along with many others. So… My guess on what happened.
They took the old M4 drop rates and made that the new M10 drop rate. That means thosenplaying on M4 before and didn’t go to M10 saw a massive loss I. Drop rate. Meanwhile all those who went straight to M10 saw no problem.
If I am right… think about that… The OP who is playing on M6 is actually getting -1200% chance of loot drop compared to M10 (or the old M4)
This would explain alot of why the community is split on whether drop rates are okay or not

The drop rates are terrible at the moment i hope they do something about dedicated loot pool i have tried for a month to get a urad garcia 16x or 18x or just one with the 200% asa still cant get one to drop its always next 2 mags or sliding anointment killed this chomp stomp 450 times if you farm this hard for that long and still get nothing something has to change im on ps4 btw.

What are you on about? As you said it’s a community patch, made by modders and unsupported by Gearbox.
The modders have no way whatsoever of getting it to consoles and Gearbox would have to rework a ton of code, do a ton of testing and tweaking in order to treat it as an officially supported product and then get it through console cert as - what? - an alternative version of the game?
Borderlands 2.5?
The patch is a perk PC players can enjoy thanks to a very active community but there’s no favoritism involved in Gearbox not undertaking what could be a huge project to fully support it on all platforms at the end of the game’s life cycle - and even that’s assuming they could actually be convinced the patch was a better version of the game.

‘Don’t cry wolf’, is my point.

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no prob getting monarchs here just not the ones i want
pc here

This is not a drop rate issue. Drop rates are whether the item drops or not and by the sounds of it you are getting the item you want to drop.

However the RNG roll on that item you want is your issue and is a completely separate issue to drop rates. This stems from the fact that a) weapons are not good enough on their own, they have to have annoints (and specific annoints) to be worth while and b) there is no way to farm annoints accurately outside of cross your fingers and hope .

If you haven’t yet cast your vote here on what to do with this issue