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Hello everyone :vulcan_salute:

I am looking for a corrosive lv65 M10 monarch x4 with the elected effect “consecutive hits increase weapon damage by 1%”. I have about forty different versions of the monarch but cannot drop the corrosive 1%, so if a generous soul could give it to me or exchange it would be perfect :kissing_heart::pray:

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In American. :wink:
LFMM10n Monarch: corrosive with consecutive hits anointment.
Several Monarchs to offer for trade.

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Salut, effectivement en français peu de chances d’avoir ce que tu cherches :grin: Ajoutes moi je dois avoir ça :wink:

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Some versions in my possession,

Ice Sntnl 100% Ice , Electric 1% , Neutral 100% , Neutral 300% , Fire Critical , Fire 1% , Ice 100% Fire, Ice Critical , Radiation 100% Fire , Corrosive 100% Electric , Electric Critical , Electric 200% , Electric 100% corrosive , Fire 100% Electric , Ice 200% , Ice 100% , Ice 100% Radiation , Ice 100% body to body , Radiation 100% ice , Corrosive 300% , Corrosive 100% fire , Electric 100% fire , Electric 100% ice , Electric 300% , Fire 200% , Fire 100% corrosive , Fire 100% radiation , Radiation 100% radiation , Neutral 1% , Neutral Critical , Neutral 200% , Ice 100% corrosive , Radiation 1% , Electric 100% electric and 2 or 3 others I don’t remember

Do you have a x8 life steal in that bunch? i have a consecutive hits x8 variant on me.

No sorry

Still on the hunt for the corrosive monarch


First off, this is BL3. You need to get about 50 more variants before getting the one you want. So another week of farming for 8 hours a day and you just might get lucky … OR … you could convert to play on PC and I could give you one.

I’ve been farming Killavolt for more than two weeks :sweat:, and if you buy me a pc I’m fine :sweat_smile:


Help me please :pray: Killavolt is starting to make me sick

Killavolt made a lot of people sick. :wink:
Time and patience…

Sent u FR
Monarch will follow :wink:

@Dr_Do-Little do you also need an monarch ?


Who doesn’t? :smiley:

Wasn’t the intention. I’m just generous with likes when people are nice.
I’m not “Mayhem 10 ready” yet but getting there. I wouldn’t say no.

So what’s your PSN and which character you play?

Same as here and everywhere. Dr_Do-Little

Main is Zane.

And you want ch1 monarch is a sntl cryo one not better ?
Btw FR sent

ch1 ?

snttl cryo is nice!

Consecutive hits anoit is called ch1

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