Monetary Values of Action Skill Items?

This thread was inspired by me hearing Aurelia say “Do you have any idea how expensive this was?” upon launching her action skill.

I realize some of the action skills can never be bought / sold / transferred (siren skills, Sal / Brick), but, most could definitely be bartered / traded if a Vault Hunter were to either find themselves fallen on hard times or needed to make a weighty financial investment to step up their game.

I will start things off by saying that Aurelia’s Cold as Ice Trap must have cost her at LEAST a cool billion credits…


Sure, a billion is a lot, but i’m sure (ok not sure) I’ve made at least that much during my level 1-58 as Aurelia!

I mean, she owns a planet!

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she also had to buy a new mansion because she dropped her keys and has to refill her other mansion with kittens because she forgot they eat food.
on topic.
the sabre turret(s) were likely “given” to Axton as part of his military equipment (not sure if he had to pay for it)
Deathtrap was made by gaige and likely cost next to nothing for her to create
im not sure how Wilhelm gets ahold of Wolf and Saint but he likely made lotsa money as a merc so he may have bought them
Timmy’s digi-Jacks were likely given to him by Jack, are they a prototype or production model?
the list goes on and im not sure how to set a value to these and others…

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That’s a start!

Yes, Axton / Roland likely just snagged theirs from Dahl / Crimson Lance.

Zero’s Deception generator - who the ■■■■ knows where that came from?

I like to think he found it while bounty hunting, like how Boba Fett found his Mandalorian Combat arnour, before they retconned his story anyway!

And Mordy and Bloodwing; BW would fetch a pretty price on the black market.

oh oh oh it just hit me that zero’s deception generator might be an “upgraded version” of the digi-jacks. similar tech at least!
Athena’s sword Xiphos? and her shield Aspis. she had katana-ish swords, similar to Zer0, in BL1 and in TPS she has a diff sword it seems and the shield popped up in TFtBL so we don’t know how she got them… yet. She may have found or bartered or bought…
you should start a list that has the action skills that arent “skills” but are deployable and do some price is right stuff!
also im surprised i beat @ACNAero in here!

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I read the thread when he first posted it. I had nothing to say, so I didn’t post.

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haha that was fast!

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So are we comparing them with no skill points or all skills at max? Because obviously some skills are going to raise the value of the action skill significantly. Not even sure I’m going to participate in this little thought exercise, just throwing that out there.

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But all of those things could be sold if need be, for cash. Or maybe auctioned off even. If those were auctioned off on the echonet, how much would they sell for? Let’s assume that Pandora cash is on a 1 to 1 ratio.

Or we can comparatively judge the value of the action skill items to each other. For example, I’m guessing Lady Hammerlock’s item has higher value than Deathtrap and Axton’s turret. Axton’s turret more value than Roland’s. Athena’s shield should be considered.

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I kind of tend to think of the vault hunters as a point in every skill they have. Think of their items that way if it helps. At least, their potential.

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This is getting good.

axton’s turrets then should be considered as lvl 72 dual-shielded-slag-rocket-longbow-maglock-targeting lasers-nuke

Roland - scorpio turret
Mordecai - bloodwing
Axton - sabre turret
Gaige - deathtrap
Zero - deception
Kreig - buzz axe
Wilhelm - wolf & saint
Athena - Xiphos(?) & Aspis
Aurelia - Ice diadem
Timmy - Digi-Jacks
Claptrap? - mini-trap
not in any order other than bl1-bl2-tps


you forgot the phalanx shields

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This is a decent order.

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What do you mean?

For Axton’s turrets?


Every Vault Hunter wears some sort of symbol or item representing their action skill.

You can see it when you equip a class mod.

At least in BL2 and TPS they do.

I’d have to check for BL1.

So, theoretically, every single action skill CAN be bartered or sold.

So, does that answer my question?

Is a level 69/72/60 (soon to be 70) class mod represent how much any given action skill item is worth?

A level 57 class mod for Aurelia right now costs about 900 thousand, but that is in no way an accurate reflection of what her Trap is worth.

That’s more like an addition or accessory to the original item…

I would think Athena’s shield would be the most expensive, just based on how useful it is.

Monetary wise, I’m guessing the Ice Diadem cost about $50,000,000,000. Because if Aurelia even thinks it’s expensive, that must have been a lot of cash. “I dropped my keys once, had to buy a whole new house” when she lives in a turbomansion.

Followed by the digi Jack thing. I imagine it’s pretty high tech.

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A hacked claptrap would cost about 50$. If it stopped dancing, the Fragtrap would be priceless.


I’m pretty sure Bloodwing would be worth loads, seeing as (s)he was the last of her species (I think, or at least very rare) until Talon, who would be of equal value.

Axton and Roland’s wouldn’t be worth much, since they’re both standard equipment for their respective ex-employers.

Brick, Lilith, Sal, Maya, Krieg and Nisha don’t actually have anything to sell, since their action skills are just abilities they have.

DeathTrap would be worth a bit, but Gaige would have only payed for parts to build him.

Zer0 and Jack Doppleganger both seem to use experimental technology, so it’d be worth a lot. But Jack was most likely given his, and who knows for Zer0.

Athena’s sheild could also be unique, and definetly valuable.

Wilhelms drones could be a common military tool, but still probably expensive to buy privately.

Clap Trap’s is weird, I’m sure Hyperiom would charge a lot for the upgrades though.

And Aurila’s is expensive because she told us so.

Bloodwing was in no way the last of her species. There are plenty of Trash Feeders and Corpse Eaters(?) in Borderlands which use the same model as Bloodwing. Presumably, Bloodiwing is just the name, not the species.