Monetary Values of Action Skill Items?

It may have been on one of the pre-release character bios, which I don’t know how reliable they are.

Or maybe I’m misremembering.

But the Lance wanted poster in Knoxx said he was wanted for illigal possession of an endangered species.

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Mordecai also said in BL2 after she was killed , that he wasnt sure what species he was.

There is no consistancy when it comes to Bloodwing.

Well, yeah. It’s Borderlands: Consistency Optional :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Krieg himself might actually be worth alot just as far as a biological speciman.

Jack double and Zero decloy tech are probably pretty expensive advanced tech.

Roland and Axtons turrents would be worth more. If were considering all the upgrades they are far and beyond standard military equipment.

Bloodwing is incredibly rare.

The ice shard as well.

And i bet even deathtrap as a prototype is worth a chunk of change.

Claptrap? Maybe if they got past the beta testing.

I think Krieg would be maybe… $250 because Pandora is filled with psychos, you could probably find another one.

Athena’s would probably be tied with Aurelias up top, as i see how some company could manufacture both

Krieg’s a different breed, though.

Just think of all the stuff he can at his top skill levels in each tree.

I wonder who created him, or whether he’s just an insane mutation?

I think only the buzz axe and the mutation of “release the beast” enters in the story.

Think warfare. If you could take a group of soldiers and give them the ability to harness release the beast with no pyschological degeneration that would be terrifying. So id imagine he as a test subject would be worth a pretty penny to the right buyer.

Lilith an Maya are at the top if we are selling people

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aaaand I’m in the weird place of the forums again.