Money grab, failed

I was looking through the ps store on my ps4 and saw the new skins, available for 10€ each. But I couldn’t find the dlc, so I took my smartphone opened the ps app, to take a look at the dlc price. I found it 15€.
But here the new skins where all for free .
‘Bought’ them and received them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The skins are supposedly free in the first place.

Then I don’t get the sense of that season pass

New skins are free for people who already had Season Pass 1 or who bought the Deluxe/Ultimate Editions, etc. Only need to buy them if you’re literally just buying the game new without the previous Season Pass content.

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Already wondered how much they where going to cost because I already have them for free but 10€, holy that is… wow. Especially considering that for 10-15 you get an several hours long full DLC.

But hey you can’t argue with people that also sell the pre-order weapons for 4.99, which are viable for the first 3 minutes or so and 1 of them is litteraly just a joke gun :man_shrugging:

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