Money grenade and gtsg's = exploit / first playthrough reward spoiler alert

Title says it all. Maxed all SDUs in a day. I’m not even sure I maxed any SDU’s in BL2 the whole time I played it.

The ultimate issue is that using money to buy SDU’s was a huge design flaw. It should have stuck to eridium OR there should have been like 2-3 more tiers that are extremely expensive to buy - like 10+ million for whatever is after orange and another one after that that is 100+ million.

I am confident I can reach 10 million easy. Thing is, when you’re holding 11 mil+ you lose 1 mil every time you die, so it does become harder, but making a mil can take less than 10 minutes for me if I use a certain grenade I came across. It’s an insanely random combination of grenade perks, but put together its so broken! The problem is further exacerbated by my artefact which grants 115% cash on pickup. Without the money grenade, that artefact is pretty good, but with the money grenade? More than double broken.

The amount of money that drops scales to the levels of the enemies you’re killing - so at level 50, using this grenade for literally 30 seconds made half a mil at one point.

–Spoiler alert–

Next is the gun that shoots guns. At level 50, it’s very easy to make even more millions of dollars quickly with no effort. Making 2 million takes less than 10 minutes with the gun that shoots guns at level 50. To counter this, they need to make it so all weapons coming out of this thing are not worth the full amount. I vote $1 for any gun produced by the gun that shoots guns. This campaign reward is pretty broken. I feel like they missed a huge opportunity with this thing. It would have made for such a good upgradable item, but it prints as a legendary off the bat unfortunately. I’m suprised they bothered giving us this thing at all in the first place. It is the source of the most overpowered epic I’ve found in all of borderlands games.

Yea I agree it’s too easy to get money and max sdu, especially as Zane you regen grenades.
I think the amount dropped from those nades should be way less.

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You can farm eridium pretty quickly too.

Between my 2 characters I have over 7k eridium

All my sdu got upgraded really fast. Between the money nades and the gun gun. It’s easy.

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I wish borderlands had a cash store for the level 50 income.


And? I’m a 100% player, I dont want it to take 15 lifetimes to get everything. I didnt get all SDUs until I started boss farming M3 TVHM. That’s well into end game, so more than reasonable.

Unnecessary tedium and time wasting is not “difficulty” or “challenge”.


Or fun as well.
I will never get over the loot nerf, killed the fun of farming for me.

If you get a money seeking grenade that bounces three times, you’ll hit it in your first playthrough…