Money is Power and running out of ammo

There’s plenty of ammo crates that I can reload a number of times but generally I find that my limit to how long or number of Money is Power stacks I can keep/accumulate is based on how fast I burn though my ammo.

Since buying even 1 round of ammo makes me lose all stacks, I go through the maps trying to carefully conserve when to open the ammo crates but inevitable I run out.

My Jack just started UVHM at level 52. Is this common for all Jack players, and how do you handle your ammo / Money is Power stacks?

I don’t die much so mostly I lose my stacks when needing to buy ammo or a good item I find in vendor machine. Should I treat Money is Power as a nice extra bonus and not worry about loss of stacks? Or really try and stack them up and keep it?

This. Treat it like a nice bonus, nothing else. Don’t worry about it, or you’ll drive yourself mad with frustration.

once you have (10-11/5) Absolute Advantage, you wont be having any problems about ammo anymore

Is it still pretty good at 5/5 absolute advantage? I’m still working way down tree to take that when I get more points. Sounds like it will help the ammo shortage, hopefully even at 5/5 since I like the celestial class mod I have so far that doesn’t boost that skill.

The celestial class mod isn’t worth it in my opinion, but I can understand why some people would like it.

If you use a class mod that has bonuses to the skill Absolute Advantage, such as the Indistinguishable Projection Class Mod, the ammo conservation becomes very, very noticeable.

I personally use the blue version of that class mod, but if you wanted to you could use the purple version of the mod, or you could use a blue or purple version of the CEO class mod as well as it also has the skill Absolute Advantage.

Go here to see what the different class mods give in terms of skill bonuses to help determine the correct one for your style of gameplay.

Thanks for the tips. Right now I’m using a celestial mainly because is the best I have available/found. Once I find some other mods and a few more points to get to Absolute Advantage I’ll try the ammo build.

You got a lot of new posts, here @mozhacker ! Anyway – one cool thing about using Jack, for me, is that it gets me out of my obsessiveness re: constantly checking vending machines & buying ammo. Instead, I’m constantly scrounging around, opening boxes. Actually have fewer ammo problems than with some others (my Athena gets her money drained constantly by continual purchase of ammo).

Don’t know where all the people recommending the Indistinquishable Projection mod get it – I’d love to try it out but it has eluded me through hours of grinding & farming the Holodome. Anyone on PS3 willing to trade (see my post in the trading section)?!

Sorry. My answer is to not run out of ammo. That’s so rarely a problem for me, anyway, but maybe I’m just strange.

its pretty good to keep up but really only keep it when your struggling and you you see something fantasticly awesome i would but it if i were you…
and look for ammo EVERYWHERE before buying ammo

This just have different weapon types ammo is every where.

Can someone verify how Money is Power affects gun damage mathematically?

The description states the buff is .25% per stack.

But, that’s .25% of 1% for each stack, right? It should read you get a .025% increase for each stack.

It’s not 25% of the total # of stacks is it?

For example, its really .025% of the total # of stacks.

if I have 300 stacks, then the equation would be 300 stacks * .025% = +7.5% damage boost.

It takes 999 stacks to get a full 25%(technically 24.975%) gun damage boost.

If it were .25% of each stack then at 999 stacks you would have a damage buff of + 249.75%.

That can’t be the case.

It is that, like it says on the skill tree. Why wouldn’t it be that do you know how long it takes to get to 999 stacks

Have you tested it personally? I’m only questioning it because I haven’t noticed THAT much of an increase when around the 200-300 stack level. 200 stacks * .25% would be a +50% increase on gun damage which is insane.

You can rack up the stacks fairly easily if you have Guardian Hunter still open. Which, I do…tee hee

I’m pretty sure somebody tested it (try checking the DDD skill guide), if not, it’s not really that hard of a thing to test.

It wasn’t broken down in the DDD skill guide. I am playing tonight so I will play around with it and see if the damage bonus is noticeable.

.25 x 50 = 12.5

28305 x (1 + 12.5%) = 31843

Money is power does exactly what it says it does

Yes I have before but I did it again, its also all over the place if you look around and pleny of youtube videos of people with 999 stacks destroying things with insane speed.

But above is your proof.

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Very nice, thanks for the clarification. Ive never really worried about this skill but have it specd. Im going to farm stacks right now.


Farmed stacks and BAR rank for a while on saturday before doing some mobbing and missions.

Seemed like it did really well, thanks for the clarification I just wasn’t sure of the math.