Money is Power calculation

So I was testing a Jack build spec’ing Money is Power. But then I started to wonder exactly how the bonus is calculated. Description says –

Damage bonus: +0.25% per: stack

As I read it that’s 1/4 of a percent per: stack, so with 100 stacks thats –

0.025*100 = 2.5% bonus

Googling this I didn’t find much, but one person on the steam forum stated “if you can get 999 stacks, that’s basically a 250% boost …”

Actually, seems to me, that would be –

0.025*999 ~= 25% boost (not 250%)

Sure, 25% would be great but who’d ever get 999 stacks (without serious farming)? Am I calculating this right? If so, it seems a rather puny bonus for the hassle of remembering not to buy anything (checking vending machines and restocking grenades is a strong habit of mine).

It’s 250%

.25% x 4 = 1%
.25% x 999 = 249.75% but gearbox rounds so 250%

So the bonus is x 2.5 but x 2.5 = x 250%

This^ plus when ever you hit every four cash pick ups Tim Tim says 1% suckers

Lol wow I had no idea why he was saying that. Thank you sir.

You added in an extra 0 for your calculation, thus moving it from hundredths to thousandths. Which then lowers the max from 250 to 25.

1.0/4 = .25 not .025

I always thought “1%, suckers” was a reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement, where the “poor” people chanted “we’re the 99%”, therefore Jack is making fun of poor people obviously.

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Too bad MiP doesn’t boost Merger. It would be interesting to run through the whole game with nothing but the Merger glitch getting stronger and stronger. I mean, it’s already OP, but +250%… yikes!

Yeah me too. Especially when he’ll still say that even when you DON’T have Money is Power.