Money shot chains, understanding how they work

Alright I am trying to understand how money shot chains work I have been researching on the old forums and found some interesting info

“A Money Shot Chain occurs when Gunzerking and one hand reaches the last shot of the magazine while the other hand has Inconceivable active. This will cause the hand that’s at 0 ammo to “stick” on the Money Shot until the other hand no longer has Inconceivable active. It doesn’t normally happen outside of Gunzerking because your gun will immediately reload after hitting 0 ammo regardless of whether Inconceivable triggers or not.”

“Chains are a result of having Inconceivable active on the other hand while you score a Money Shot. Higher Fire Rate on your right-hand means it’ll continue to score Money Shots as long as Inconceivable is still active on your left hand. Once it stops for your left hand, you’ll reload. The longer your left-hand gun can shoot before reloading, the higher chance it has to get Inconceivable in a row, and the better your chains on the right hand.”


Done some testing, and effectively it only happens when you are gunzerkering and one of your guns get the “Inconceivable” effect on, and your other gun reaches your last shot.
My question here is: Why does it happen? why when one of your guns has Inconceivable and the other has 1 bullet left, it gains the Inconceivable effect (always), and thus money shot chains
Why when you are gunzerkering and the before mentioned effect occurs your gun that is money-shot-chaining does not reload automatically when it normally does when the zerker is not activated

It would be very appreciated some technical info of how this work, thanks for reading


Sljm worked on that on “Ye Olde Forum” back in the days. He came up with the same conclusions you did. I don’t think there is an other technical info that could be added. You pretty much covered it :dukeaffirmative:

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When I tested this, I got some different results. Money Shot chains can still happen normally while only firing one gun while gunzerking, and did not require Inconceivable active on the other hand.

Instead, what appeared to happen was that Incon was recalculated every few frames, independent from the rate of fire. For some reason, gunzerking causes weapons to attempt to fire on 0 ammo. If Incon activates between reaching 0 ammo and attempting to fire, the gun will continue to fire until it attempts to use ammo.

This was supported by high rate of fire weapons always procing long incon “chains” while also having a low chance to chain on the money shot.