Money Shot question : 12 mag or 13 mag for max damage?

The wiki ( says the formula is 8% x points in Money Shot x minimum between (magazine size - 1 or 12).

This means that a gun would have to have a magazine size of 13 to get the maximum bonus and not just 12. Can someone confirm if 13 is the magic number for Money Shot to get the full bonus?


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The in-game description for Money Shot says up to 10 mag size for +400% bonus, but the mag size for the full bonus is actually 12 for +480%. With the +6 from Monk/Raider mod, it’s +1056%, and not +880% as the in-game description says.
So mag size of 12 is adequate to get max damage.

So is the wiki wrong then? Because if the mag size is only 12, according to the formula there, the bonus (assuming 11 points are in Money Shot) would be:

8% x 11 points of MS x minimum of (12 mag size - 1 or 12) = 8% x 11 x 11 = +968% damage bonus.

In order to get the max bonus, the mag size would need to be 13. The formula from the wiki appears to account for guns with a magazine size of 1 like the infinity pistol.

Wiki is unreliable in many things and while it may be correct in MS, the damage formula is poorly presented.
Better explained here

Actually on the wiki it says “(magazine size — 1, 12)” probably meant as in “times magazine size - from 1 to 12”

The formula in the Wiki states that it’s the minimum between mag size -1 or 12. This is why it implies the mag size should be 13.

I did however test this. I used a 12 mag Rubi and a 13 mag Binary Rubi. The base damage was identical, except the Binary had a x2 multiplier. I confirmed on the Marcus dummy that if the shot does NOT slag , then the damage difference between the 2 is exactly x2. When Money Shot procs AND it the shot does NOT slag the damage bonus between the 2 is exactly the same multiplier: ~4x the base damage.

The way it’s written is wrong in the wiki, they MEANT to say that it’s 12. It’s just bad maths, nothing to it.

The answer is 12