Money spawning weapons?

Does anyone know how to get a money spawning grenade or any other money spawning weapons? What ones have you come across? Is anyone willing to hook me up? ps4


Hit the vending machines and look for any made mod with cash or money in the name.

I got a bunch, just look at the vending machines as you go thru it.

If you have deluxe it comes with the rubber better cheddar legendary that you can use

I had ones at level 12, 19, 30 and 39

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Got one from one of Moxxi’s slots.

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Okay okay. I’m gonna give ya my “get stupid rich” build.
1)ya need Zane
2)ya gotta put skill points into your clone build only so ya can spam and spam and spam grenades while they auto generate from kills.
3) get a Money grenade. Get o e that has homing capabilities and that can either break into more grenades once it explodes or that multiplies while it’s flying.
4)2 and 3 can swap order.
I am still using this lvl 10 grenade to farm money and I’m lvl 30+.

Lol I farmed up a cash nade that drop “alot” of money at level 44 its purple.

Each farming run with 5 grenades I would get over 500k. If I threw all 9 of my nades, it was over a million.

All my sdu are upgraded to max.

I still saved a level 29 cash nade and my rubber cheddar is level 17, I’ll give those away to friends of they need them for use in my other rooms that I will play.

I still haven’t come across a cash nade after playing slots last night. im only level 20 but I would love to go cash farm with you.
psn Redskinrey

thanks. ill try that with my next play threw

I used Zane with a grenade that gave cash on hitting an enemy to farm up about 150 million in about 5 hours . All my SDUs are maxed out already. Its great

i just found my money nade. Thanks guys.

Look for one that says “alot” instead if “some”.

It makes a huge difference in how much money is dropped

Yeah i have noticed that mine mostly leaves double digit and my friends will drop hundreds at a time. Im still in search for a better one. Im probably just going to have to get lucky with a golden key.

This thing says “drops lots of cash” and it really means it. You pair this grenade with a loot expanding artifact and watch the cash flow! I got $30 million from one complete run of Cistern of Slaughter

Wish I would have seen your post yesteday. I have been levelling up a FL4K and have had a few blue and purple money grenades along the way. Unfortunately, this FL$K is not allowed to use vault space so I sold those grenades already :frowning:

As stated, check every vending machine you come across. They are available pretty frequently.