Moneyshot doesn't affect Slow Hand?

I had noticed while trying a Brawnador build that my Slow Hands were not getting bonuses from moneyshot. I have video here: (deleted). I may be behind the times with this info but I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this for me. Only thing I can think of is that it’s a strange functionality of the splash damage but I wanted to verify.


It’s because the Slow Hand, like all E-tech shotguns, is a pure splash damage weapon, that is it has no bullet impact damage like Torgue pistols or Maliwan sniper rifles which deal two lots of damage, impact and splash.

Moneyshot only applies to the direct damage from a bullet/projectile, therefore Splatguns can not trigger Moneyshot. There are a handful of other weapons in the game with the same traits.


Money shot absolutely works in the off hand.

Like @Slif_One said, the problem is the slow hand.

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Yea I figured the pure splash had something to do with it. I just wasn’t too sure so I wanted to verify with you all.
@Chuck80 I’m aware that moneyshot works on the offhand (your famous Deputy is very fun to play), Just wasn’t sure what was going on with the pure splash weapons. I’d spec out of moneyshot if I didn’t find it extremely useful switching to the interfacers for Raiding. I’m a bit disappointed that I don’t even notice the Brawn trees skills at while playing so I feel like I’m just wasting skill points to draw aggro. Oh well, the point was to have it be helpful for taking aggro off the team and be a true RPG tank. Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

I’d just like to point out that this does not mean the Slow Hand is not a viable weapon on Salvador, in fact double Slow Hands is one of my favourite Salvador loadouts!


That’s what I’m currently using now with my current Titan build for aggro. :slight_smile: It helps me feel more team-centric

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I was looking at @Chuck80’s Splash Damage Guide, and it doesn’t actually mention splatguns or the Slowhand (just “and a few others”). Is there a more detailed list somewhere of which weapons are projectile only, projectile+splash, and splash only? Alternatively, could we possibly get an update on the splash damage guide?

OP might also want to look at the gun damage formula as noted here - MoneyShot presumably goes into the “SpecMult” to determine final damage, and so does not affect the SplashDamage multiplier.


I feel like the Slow Hands have so much lifesteal that you don’t need to spec deep into the Titan tree, if at all, >90% of my deaths with “Slowball Sal” (The only build I’ve ever named) are from splash damage lol.

The only purpose of going all the way down the tree was to get the capstone to force aggro. I used the Titan class mod to make the skills worth it with an Evolution shield to help with padding damage while I healed (and also because Out of Bubblegum won’t proc with negative shield) . I’m still doing nice damage overall It’s just nothing like the general builds though. And you’re right, that splash will kill you faster than you can say “Shamfleet!” XD

Thank you for the link to the gun damage formula, this will be very helpful for future building!

I found the updated Splash Damage Guide, too!


To quote the splash guide, “Money Shot does not boost any splash damage at all.”


To quote the Beatles, “Money(Shot) can’t buy me Splash”.


The splash guide I made was for guns that have ADDED splash, so no rocket launcher, no Splatguns etc.

Demonite’s guide was made with Axton players in mind, so it’s a lot more tourough.


OK, missed that somehow. No problem though.

Might be slightly off my original topic, but this post did come out of my gear experimentation for a build. I was wondering what you and others may recommend for a Sal build specifically geared to draw aggro with his Brawn Capstone. This: is my build with the Legendary Titan Com currently. I feel the skill distribution is good it’s just the gear I’d really like more ideas for. Currently I use the Evolution, Deputy’s Badge, Quasar, Dual Slow Hand (slag + other) for mobbing, and Interfacer + Grog for Raiding. I can’t stand the constant exploding of the Firehawk unfortunately so I can’t use that XD. And thanks to everyone again for the help ^^

Don’t skip Ain’t got time to bleed. Move a few points from Juggernaut if you can. Otherwise, it’s solid.

All sound choices. One of the advantages of a Brawn build is that you’re not limited in the guns you can use. So go wild :slight_smile: Consider anything that is considered powerful, but not frugal on ammo. There are a lot of great things to try. Have you tried the Pimpernel ?

Other good picks: Swordsplosion, Sawbar, Longbow, CC, Butcher, Jolly Roger, Lyuda, Kerblaster, Chopper… the list is rather long :stuck_out_tongue:

You might get a bit more out of a Blood of the ancient than a Deputy’s badge: the increased health makes your %-based health regen proportionately better, and the added ammo is always a plus.

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What you have is similar to my Forever in Pain build (now 100% OP8 qualified :grin:). What I’ve been using lately is the Rough Rider for the shield to take advantage of AOoB at 5/5. Also, The Transformer shield is great on Sal- cleared Murderlin’s Temple and the BA round while using The Transformer and dual wielding shock/slag Practicable Slow Hands. The splash from the shock Slow Hand recharges the shield and being pure splash, the shots ignore the shields of enemies like the armored/badass skeletons…


Which COM do you use for that? Rough Rider with the Legendary Titan cancels out bubblegum as far as I’ve tested.
@Chuck80 Thanks for the suggestion! I had thought the regen for AGTTB might have been too low but honestly it’s not like that damage reduction is really helping me XD. Thanks all!

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